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by Riddick
12-15-2018 02:26 AM
Forum: Global
Topic: Liberal Party of Canada Adopts Basic Income Policy
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FREE MONEY! Universal Basic Income Program Moves Forward At hundreds of homes in Stockton CA neighborhoods where median income is at or below $46K/year, letters are starting to show up notifying people they may be eligible to get $500 a month with no strings attached. The money is part of the city’s basic income pilot progr...
by Riddick
12-15-2018 01:35 AM
Forum: The Brig
Topic: What We Learned This Week
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WWLTW for Friday 12/14/2018

Money doesn't buy happiness, Dick's takes on the gun lobby and the most dangerous foods. LINK
by Riddick
12-14-2018 06:02 PM
Forum: Books, Documentaries, Movies, TV Shows
Topic: 40 TV Christmas Moments In Two Minutes
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40 TV Christmas Moments In Two Minutes

Friends, Seinfeld, The O.C, Mad Men and more! Bonus Clips! - Christmas In Mayberry A Sanford & Son Christmas How The Grinch ...
by Riddick
12-14-2018 02:30 AM
Forum: FF IT Tech
Topic: We’re Finally Learning The Lesson Of Y2K — & It’s Too Late
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We’re Finally Learning The Lesson Of Y2K — & It’s Too Late

Y2K should have made us question our faith in the machines. It may have had exactly the opposite effect. FULL STORY
by Riddick
12-14-2018 01:38 AM
Forum: Astronomy/ NASA/Physics
Topic: Virgin Galactic flies its first astronauts to the edge of space
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Is This Trip Really Necessary?

I thought I'd find prominent climate hawks "going into orbit" over this news about edge of space joy-rides, but I'm kinda shocked nothing more recent or relevant came up in my search than this 2010 article - Space Tourism: A Potential New Source Of Warming Pollution A spike in black carbon emissions...
by Riddick
12-13-2018 01:19 AM
Forum: The Brig
Topic: What did you last make??
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After Midnight Sandwich Snacking

2 fried egg, beef, bacon, tomato & American cheese sandwiches on white toast, Big K fruit punch soda for washing down

Does egg nog count as a dessert?
by Riddick
12-12-2018 04:04 PM
Forum: Earth/ Weather/ Climate
Topic: Exclusive: TheDCNF Asked Paris Climate Accord Backers If They’d Support Banning Private Jets. Most Didn’t Respond
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Battle Shy

The "generals" in the war on climate change don't want to give up their private jets?

But everyone else should live in holes in the ground and eat gravel.

Typical elite behavior
by Riddick
12-11-2018 11:40 PM
Forum: Environment in Crisis
Topic: Paris' 2 CC's surrounded by the UN's olive leaves!
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Poverty Is The New Prosperity

Even more astonishing, the NCA gives projections of the “cost of inaction” on climate change, but does not give any estimate of the costs of action on climate change. Providing an estimate of the costs of fighting CC would go against keeping the real agenda under wraps. What it's really all about i...
by Riddick
12-10-2018 12:08 AM
Forum: Laugh a bit with Ole 68
Topic: Christmas Jokes
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Christmas Jokes

What kind of motorcycle does Santa ride? A Holly Davidson. Where does Frosty the Snowman keep his money? In a snow bank. Why is Santa a good race car driver? He’s always in the pole position. Why was Santa’s little helper depressed? He had low elf esteem. What's red and white and falls down chimneys...
by Riddick
12-09-2018 05:56 PM
Forum: Environment in Crisis
Topic: Paris' 2 CC's surrounded by the UN's olive leaves!
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Our big city paper, just like yours also, nearly every day has a new/old cc repeated ad nausea news flash........... :!: ............ :raspberry :halloween :dali: Tell me about it! Big/small, new/old, papers, radio, TV, it's like saturation bombing how the usual suspects in the MSM are ranting on c...
by Riddick
12-08-2018 07:15 PM
Forum: Art Bell/The New Frontier
Topic: Art Bell: Somewhere In Time Saturday Replays
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SIT Saturday December 8, 2018

* LISTEN LINK * Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returns to May 23, 2002 when Art was joined by paranormal researcher Donna Good Higbee , who discussed her research in Spontaneous Human Involuntary Invisibility, a strange syndrome where people suddenly find themselves invisible in the real world.

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