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by Riddick
01-16-2018 01:57 AM
Forum: Weird Nooz
Topic: Morality or Social Dominance?
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Human See, Human Do

Doka wrote:
01-15-2018 03:26 PM
Would it be so cute, if Humans imitated animals?
by Riddick
01-16-2018 01:43 AM
Forum: All Creatures Great and Small
Topic: How Animals See The World
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What Do Dogs See When They Watch TV?

Some dogs love to bark when they're watching the TV screen, but what are they actually seeing? And is it the same thing that humans are seeing?

by Riddick
01-16-2018 01:38 AM
Forum: Weird Nooz
Topic: How Montana Gold Rushers Literally Threw Away A Fortune In Sapphires
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How Montana Gold Rushers Literally Threw Away A Fortune In Sapphires


In 1866, Montana—specifically the Yogo Gulch—was awash with disappointed prospectors, tossing out the blue pebbles they found in their sluice boxes as they panned for gold. FULL STORY
by Riddick
01-14-2018 04:08 AM
Forum: American Survival
Topic: Charlie Daniels: It's Going To Be An Interesting 2018
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Charlie Daniels: It's Going To Be An Interesting 2018

From his Full Column : Donald Trump has been president for almost a year now, and the country is still as shocked and divided as it was at midnight on November 8, 2017 when Hillary’s planned balloon extravaganza failed to take place and the cold light of reality dawned on the “progressive” faction ...
by Riddick
01-14-2018 12:41 AM
Forum: Art Bell Classic Shows & Somewhere in Time Chat
Topic: C2CAM With Art Bell – "The Big Thicket" Of Texas - 1/10/2002
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C2CAM With Art Bell – "The Big Thicket" Of Texas - 1/10/2002

ORIGINAL ARCHIVED THREAD: Where the unknown makes profound intrusions into what we call 'reality'. Author Rob Riggs delved into creatures and mysterious lights from the “Big Thicket” region of East Texas, in...
by Riddick
01-13-2018 11:18 PM
Forum: Paranormal
Topic: British Pub Wants Its Ghost Back
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British Pub Wants Its Ghost Back

Owner Outraged After Pub's 'Possessed Toilet Ghost' Is Stolen
Chinese artist apparently bottled up the ghost of James Stanley after following it into the pub toilet
by Riddick
01-13-2018 03:59 AM
Forum: The Brig
Topic: What We Learned This Week
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WWLTW for Friday 1/12/2018

It's normal that all breakups are a bummer, we're still discovering new stuff about water and why you're still getting robocalls. LINK
by Riddick
01-13-2018 03:09 AM
Forum: Conspiracies/Black Ops
Topic: The Secret Airline The US Government Doesn't Want You To Pry Into
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“Thanks For Flying Janet Airlines, And Enjoy Your Stay At Area 51.” Are you a Las Vegas-based flight attendant looking for work? Do you feel positively about working for an airline that sort of doesn’t exist? Happen to have a Top-Secret clearance with the U.S. government, or think you could snag one? If so, the perfect job just opened...
by Riddick
01-13-2018 02:36 AM
Forum: Art Bell/The New Frontier
Topic: Art Bell: Somewhere In Time Saturday Replays
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SIT Saturday January 13, 2018


Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returns to 7/10/02, when Douglas Mulhall described the exponential changes that are coming from nanotechnology and robotic revolutions.
by Riddick
01-12-2018 05:16 AM
Forum: Global
Topic: Russian Historian Who Exposed Stalin's Crimes Faces Forced Psychiatric Testing
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Maybe It's Time "America The Beautiful" Got An Addendum?

O mighty ugly violent deaths
AND tortured waves of pain
Our country's done some nasty things
And left a bloody stain

Lest we forget, America
Our wretched history,
Be understood: We're not THAT good
To be so uppity!!

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