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by Riddick
02-20-2018 02:43 AM
Forum: Chemtrails
Topic: Viruses—lots of them—are falling from the sky
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"Something In The Air"

That's some scary stuff up in the air Doka and Riddick........gulp :!: ........thanks! :oops: 'Stuff' is right! Aside what can be seen or smelled, who knows what-all crap is in the atmosphere - As illustration of an airy instance directly attacking olfactory senses? Here's a clip from "The Magic Ch...
by Riddick
02-20-2018 02:10 AM
Forum: Politics and Government 2014 - Present
Topic: Trump In Action
Replies: 285
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Do-It-Yourself Troll Control - "Take Out The Trash"

Ra, if you would be so kind ,as to take your "Trash Talk" and create your own thread, I know, I know IT IS YOUR RIGHT?! Thank You.........? When it comes to trash talk, IMO? It more than deserves a mention It's well within anybody's rights to pay it utterly NO ATTENTION -
by Riddick
02-17-2018 08:21 AM
Forum: Environment in Crisis
Topic: Paris' 2 CC's surrounded by the UN's olive leaves!
Replies: 231
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Smug Celeb's Bashing Backfires, As Viewers Spot His Utter Bias & Hypocrisy On CC In a climate change conference rant this week, actor Robert De Niro took cheap shots at President Trump — but quick-to-notice viewers, immediately calling out the liberal bully for his flagrant hypocrisy and lack of knowledge on the issue of “climate change,” exposed ...
by Riddick
02-17-2018 05:30 AM
Forum: American Survival
Topic: A Post-Mortem On The Corpse Of "Social Justice"
Replies: 2
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This Video Pretty Much Nails It

“Being a social justice warrior is tough work. But you're welcome that I'm out to vigilantly protect the world from everybody but me." JP Spears takes a moment to speak to the craziness that is Social Justice.
by Riddick
02-17-2018 04:44 AM
Forum: Global
Topic: Terrorism - from a Liberal perspective!
Replies: 2
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She thinks white men are a bigger terror threat than Islamic jihadists.

You have to try hard to be this stupid.

by Riddick
02-17-2018 04:35 AM
Forum: Politics and Government 2014 - Present
Topic: "Glam Up The Midterms" - Liberal Comedians Take Political Action
Replies: 2
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Chevy Chase Talks About SNL Liberal Agenda

Chevy Chase admits that Saturday Night Live is liberal propaganda disguised as comedy.

by Riddick
02-17-2018 02:53 AM
Forum: Art Bell/The New Frontier
Topic: Art Bell: Somewhere In Time Saturday Replays
Replies: 571
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SIT Saturday February 17, 2018

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returns to 5/3/01 when Rev. Howard Storm described his life-changing near death experience, where he found himself burning in hell.
by Riddick
02-17-2018 02:42 AM
Forum: The Brig
Topic: What We Learned This Week
Replies: 196
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WWLTW for Friday 2/16/2018

Tinder is great for validation and nothing else, a tennis ball is yellow or maybe green, and everyone has embarrassed themselves in front of a crush. LINK
by Riddick
02-16-2018 01:15 AM
Forum: Politics and Government 2014 - Present
Topic: "Glam Up The Midterms" - Liberal Comedians Take Political Action
Replies: 2
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"Glam Up The Midterms" - Liberal Comedians Take Political Action

November’s midterm elections are projected to be among the hottest, most contentious and divisive in modern history. Spraying gas on this raging political inferno is a Hollywood “axis of influence” — a group of established comedians participating in a well-funded political offensive called “Glam Up ...
by Riddick
02-15-2018 02:42 AM
Forum: Media Watch
Topic: The Obama's paintings
Replies: 6
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Surprise! Liberal Media Loves Hideous Obama Portraits

While art is subjective, liberal media bias is not. In the non-shocker of the week, lefty news organizations are doing their best to make lemonade out of horse sh!t, trying to spin something hideous into a work of art because it involves the Obamas. Is there any other way to describe the portrait of...
by Riddick
02-15-2018 01:55 AM
Forum: National
Topic: AnotherReason Why Large Corporations Suck
Replies: 16
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Big Tech: Monopolistic Rule Hiding In Plain Sight Edited & Excerpted From Kevin Carty's Article At - America’s tech giants are nothing if not popular. Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon rank as some of the most well-liked brands in the world. The reason is simple — these companies’ products are entertainin...

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