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by patriot4u
02-19-2004 07:52 PM
Forum: William Henry ~ Stargates in the Age of Tara
Topic: William Henry UPDATE
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Information about the secret teachings of E.A./Issa/Jesus in India, Ireland, England and America before the Crucifixion was concealed or destroyed. I think it would be interesting to find sir name meanings in the countries mentioned in Heneries web page that ...
by patriot4u
02-18-2004 09:02 PM
Forum: Religion/Metaphysics
Topic: Other dimensions explain it for me
Replies: 40
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The good book says it is a thin vail, between us and the other side. Some of the other things are, we existed since the foundations of the earth, light or energy are refrenced many times,and sin is caused from ignorence, or we parish for lack of knowledge. I beleave the energy or spiritual relm is p...
by patriot4u
02-18-2004 08:40 PM
Forum: The 10th Planet
Topic: Planet X in 2004?????
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Interesting prediction. If you add that yellowstone is volcanicly active right now and maybe a little about the newly discovered dark matter it would make the prediction understandable. Dark matter is said to move in waves and could be the cosmic force that makes the volcano pop. 600 miles is predic...

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