Holes in the Poles: Hollow Earth Madness?

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Holes in the Poles: Hollow Earth Madness?

Post by Shirleypal » 08-31-2009 03:25 PM

Along with various mention of excursions to the North Pole having taken place this year, one group has made some headway in organizing an expedition to find an opening at the Earth’s point where Earth’s axis meets the surface in the Northernmost hemisphere. The team, whose website is OurHollowEarth.com, shares this vision of discovery with us at their website:

This proposed expedition would like to conduct some scientific observations in the Arctic that is hoped will resolve once and for all whether the hollow earth theory has any validity. The indigenous Eskimos believe there is a hole in the Arctic Ocean. Observations of several Arctic explorers of mirages of land in the Arctic indicate that the most plausible location for a north polar opening that leads into the interior of the earth is located at 87.7 N Latitude, 142.2 E Longitude. To check out this theory, a group of hollow earth believers and scientists would like to charter a Russian Nuclear Icebreaker into the Arctic sea.

The notion that “mirages of land” can be visible stem from a variety of interesting sources. Apparently, Russians were some of the earliest to claim to have sighted what was dubbed “Sannikov Land”, north of the New Siberian Islands. Sannikov Land, in essence, is regarded by most historians as a pseudo-historic “phantom island” that may have existed in the Arctic Ocean. Yakov Sannikov and Matvei Gedenschtrom made the initial claim during their 1809-1810 cartographic expedition to the New Siberian Islands. Being first to report the sighting of a “new land” north of Kotelny Island in 1811, Sannikov’s name was also given to the supposed land mass.

http://gralienreport.com/subterranean-m ... a-morgana/

Official Website for Exbidition

Check out this link also:
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