A Fight for the Soul of Science

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A Fight for the Soul of Science

Post by Doka » 12-28-2015 11:23 PM

A Fight for the Soul of Science

String theory, the multiverse and other ideas of modern physics are potentially untestable. At a historic meeting in Munich, scientists and philosophers asked: should we trust them anyway?

"The crisis, as Ellis and Silk tell it, is the wildly speculative nature of modern physics theories, which they say reflects a dangerous departure from the scientific method. Many of today’s theorists — chief among them the proponents of string theory and the multiverse hypothesis — appear convinced of their ideas on the grounds that they are beautiful or logically compelling, despite the impossibility of testing them. "

https://www.quantamagazine.org/20151216 ... f-science/

Basically , "Science" as we have known it for centuries is bogged down by it's own self imposed "Rules", It's stuck with antiquated , language, and the idea that if you can't test it, it does "not exist". With some acceptance of "Quantum Physics, String Theories" and etc. , the Current "Scientific Methods" don't work, can't prove, can't test. But the theory exists and the technologies are being developed and designed for practical use, bound to squeeze out, in forms that we will surely notice or even use. But technically do not exist, because our current "Proving Methods" don't work. Let's face it , some of these "Theories" are literally from the "Dark Ages", a bit of Up-Dating could open many doors.

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