Poll Finds Tea Party Anger Rooted in Issues of Class

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Post by Joolz » 04-17-2010 05:07 PM

They say the number of people who expressed support of the "Tea Party" was 18% of the total number. The total number polled was 1580, which included everyone else as well as the "Tea party" supporters. Just wanted to make sure we all realize that they didn't poll 1580 "Tea Party" supporters.
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Bobbi Snow
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Post by Bobbi Snow » 04-17-2010 05:36 PM

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Cherry Kelly
Bobbi - maybe you meant medicaid - cause people pre-pay Medicare and have since 1963...

No... I MEANT Medicare, and I, too have paid into it; I just can't collect it for another year. The tea partiers must either be retired, own their own businesses, or be wealthy; otherwise, they'd never be able to stay on the buses and pay the fees to attend these rallies. And if they are well-educated, then why aren't they better read? And if they're not prejudiced, then why are they blaming President Obama for trying to dig us out of the hole that we were thrown into, during 8 years of Republican under-sight? We should have had rationing, and gone through what our parents and grandparents went through to finance WWII instead of having our souls sold to the Chinese. Where were the Tea Partiers when THAT was going on? Being angry in hindsight means putting the blame on the people who used to be in Office, not on the ones who are trying to clean up the mess, and make life better for all, instead of just for some of us.
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Post by Corvid » 04-17-2010 06:23 PM

Absolutely correct Bobbi.

It is all part of the "Two Santa Clauses" theory.... and it has worked for the republicans for the last thirty years.

When in control, spend like a drunken sailor pay no attention to the debt.... people will love you.

When the Democrats are in control, bitch and moan about the debt and blame the Democrats..... people will love you.

This will work until the hole we are in is so damn deep that the Chinese and the Saudis own us.... maybe that tipping point has already passed.

I call it treason.

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