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Post by Riddick » 09-03-2016 05:07 PM

HB3 wrote:I don't think this poll accurately describes politics circa 2011. To me it reinforces the fact that the descriptors "liberal" and "conservative" have broken down in modern America. The truly relevant questions seem to have to do with sovereignty and nationhood, but they aren't weighted properly; they're, in fact, the whole game.

The first thing to figure out is, "Are you an American or a globalist?"

Most of the other issues can be debated after that initial distinction.
Well, I can say without taking any quiz that I'm definitely NOT a globalist! Absolutely NO way NO how -

That said, and for what the liberal/conservative labels ARE still worth, I took the quiz and as it turns out my score of 21 puts me between Powell and Bush 41 and just to the right of center, much as recent results on other quizzes...

Still, what I'm not at all sure about is, and AS a matter of debate mebbe someone can tell me: just what the heck is 'policital'?!?

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