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Kerry Calls for a White House with a Commitment to Stem Cell

Posted: 10-06-2004 10:44 PM
by Iris
Hampton, NH - Joined by Michael J. Fox and New Hampshire families who would personally benefit from a president with a commitment to stem cell research, Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry Saturday said he will support stem cell research as president to unleash its potential in finding cures.

There are 100 million Americans (612,000 in New Hampshire) who are suffering from debilitating diseases that could potentially be cured by stem cell research. Michael J. Fox and the families at Kerry’s town hall in Hampton are among them. Unfortunately, as Kerry stressed today, George Bush has virtually banned stem cell research, choosing to put ideology and politics over science.

“The hard truth is that when it comes to stem cell research, our president is sacrificing science for ideology and playing politics with people who need cures,” Kerry said. “Right now, some of the most pioneering treatments could be right at our fingertips – but because of the stem cell ban, they remain beyond our reach.”

In August 2001, George Bush asserted that his policy made available more than 60 suitable stem cell lines to federally funded researchers. However, this claim has proven to be false. Many of the cells have turned out not to be genuine stem cell lines or turned out to have no scientific value. Today, less than one third of the number Bush promised are available.

As time passes, the lines also become outdated and less useful. Every day scientists work to develop better techniques for growing and using human stem lines, but because of George Bush’s choices, researchers cannot take advantage of these breakthroughs.

In the face of these setbacks, President Bush refuses to budge.

“Our president just doesn’t get it,” Kerry said. “Faced with the facts, he just turns away. Time and time again, he’s proven that he’s stubborn, out of touch and unwilling to change course. But the fact is, this isn’t about politics or ideology – it’s about how science can save lives.”

Kerry and John Edwards believe that stem cell research holds immense promise for millions in America. They join with the vast majority of Americans, a bipartisan coalition in the Senate and individuals like Michael J. Fox and Nancy Reagan in believing we should make choices that put science first, and they are committed to expanding stem cell research.

As president, Kerry will lift the ideologically-driven restrictions on stem cell research He will fund this research, with at least $100 million a year, while ensuring strict ethical oversight of the research.

“I know that when we put our best minds to work studying our worst diseases – time and time again, we find treatments, and cures, and vaccines,” Kerry said. “When I’m president, we’re going to once again say yes to science, yes to innovation, and yes to hope for all Americans.”

Posted: 10-07-2004 06:21 PM
by Conspiracy Theorist
Kerry should win some big points if he brings this issue up in debate tomorrow or next week.

Posted: 10-08-2004 06:00 PM
by Iris
Right, Rick! They just cured some mice of heart disease with stem cell research. Now they're ready to try it on people with heart disease. I'm with you -- I hope Kerry mentions it tonight!!

Posted: 10-12-2004 07:05 PM
by CaptainBeyond
Edwards claims today of people getting up out of wheel chairs and walking when Kerry is President do remind me of the TV preachers promising healing if you send your money to them.Only difference is it is votes instead of money.

All his wild claims are speculation that may or may not happen as NOBODY knows yet.

Preach on brother,and how about a big amen as well by all the gullible out there!It seems as if the despirate will use poor old Christopher for political points even before he is in the ground.Well that is typical of a shyster lawyer,so what should you expect.


Posted: 10-12-2004 07:29 PM
by Linnea
Captain Beyond - reading your remarks on this forum, sorely tempts me to use my CEO priviledges to delete your account, much as Sinclair Broadcasting - we have the power. I do not believe you are here for the community, but only for the temporary sport. Don't you have some friends of your own excellence, somewhere, to go play with? Mebbe there in Al Bore country?

Watch and listen -

Posted: 10-12-2004 07:46 PM
by CaptainBeyond
Excuse me?Have you not read my many posts in many other areas?Many are topics of paranormal nature.

How do you expect to have a debate without opposing views?

I have contributed to topics on UFO's,astral projection,aliens,etc. so how to you make such a claim?


Posted: 10-12-2004 08:01 PM
by CindyLouWho
CaptainBeyond wrote: Excuse me?

How many times/names?

Jeez, you folks hardly try to disguise it anymore. What a bore.

Posted: 10-12-2004 08:04 PM
by CaptainBeyond
Well,I can't comment,as it is not allowed!


Posted: 10-12-2004 08:18 PM
by swimmbadd

Posted: 10-12-2004 08:24 PM
by CaptainBeyond
Not mad,just threatened with censorship for expressing my opinion!


Posted: 10-12-2004 09:17 PM
by Linnea
If you are standing with the neo-con agenda, you are not interested in free speech.

Only the stupid f*ing progressives support free speech.

Posted: 10-12-2004 09:42 PM
by CaptainBeyond
I though freedom was what it is all about?America was founded on freedom,freedom of speech,of religion and so on.And even the freedom to disagree!

By the way, I will early vote,and vote libertarian because I believe our government was founded on the Constitution,and that means a very limited government,not a government that wants to tax us into submission,or tell me what I can and cannot say or believe.

Free speech means free speech and should never have to pass a test to qualify as it is a right in this country.

I am not a stupid f*king progressive,but I will always support free speech.If this forum doesn't,then it should plainly state it up front.You haven't heard me touting the accomplishments of Bush,but neither have you heard me jump on the Kerry bandwagon either.

I have posted in the paranormal forums many times,even engaging with Dom and his oppressive opinions,as well as topics in Whitley's threads,and many threads with John Lear and others discussing the 9 11 events,so don't imply that I am a political troll.

If I am not welcome here,at least have the decency to admit that it is because I don't agree with the required politics,not that I have not participated in many other forums.

If a "Forum" is not a place for debate,then please tell me what it is?


Posted: 10-12-2004 10:34 PM
by Linnea
CB - as I posted in another thread, around here somewhere. You are welcome here on the forum. My voice here is just one among the many. I know my remarks sounded threatening, but I sincerely do not mean them that way. Sometimes new posters who are obvious trolls get planked. You are obviously not in that category. Stick around. It is good to have differing points of view, I agree.

Posted: 10-12-2004 10:35 PM
by BenSlain
I thought the Capt's post was very timely. With John Kerry Mentioning Mr. Reeves in the last debate and then saying what he said today, it seems that the post was quite relevant to the topic. So whats the problem?

And Cindy, dear, sweetheart:o , when was the last time you posted out of the p&g? I hate it when the argument against someones post is that they only post in the P&G. Not counting the ORR the P&G is the mainstay here now. There are, like I pointed out in the past, 25% more post here in the P&G than in the Art Bell section.

Linna you have called me on the carpet a few times in the last few weeks for posting an opinion here that is opposite from 95% of the other posters. Most don't seem to have a problem with it. But now, here on this post, you did it again to a post that was not even close to being trollish. JUST DIFFERENT.

So please, Tell us what you want here! And don't go getting all defensive like you did the last time. I am not a big bad ass mean spirited bully. I would just once and for all like a clarification on the RULE here! If you DO NOT want a differing opinion to the norm (pro Kerry) here please state so now. Give us the rule. Once and for all. You told me once that if the topic header pointed out that a thread was only for pro whatever, then thats what it was for. I think we have honored that. So please tell us now if the P&G is totally for only anti Bush posters. THAT WAY WE WILL KNOW NOT TO POST HERE. Otherwise let us have a two way discussion without having to walk on eggshells and be threatened with being band from the ship. 4 years ago I used to be able to post more freely here without the worry of being planked.

So would you please give me a TRUE ruling here cause every time a differing opinion is posted you step in and lambaste somebody for not going along with the crowd. And it's a real drag when you are trying to have an honest discussion. So please give me a RULING once and for all so I , or we, can honor it and not have to worry about causing any trouble. Then you won't have to worry about it anymore.

It's inexcusable that CAPTAINBEYOND has to justify his post by listing all the other threads he has posted on just to pacify you. Matter of fact, it's kind of sad. No honorable person should have to resort to holding back and kissing butt just to slide ones opinion in now and again. Thats what I have resorted to for the last year and I have in the last week or so decided not to do that any more.
So give me the rule!!!!! And I'll even help you moderate by telling republicans and moderates not to post here. I'LL HELP YA KEEP THIS PLACE GOP CLEAN!!! If thats the rule. And I mean that.

If not. Let us post without the threat of being shot on site.

Whatever you want ..........just let us know.

Posted: 10-12-2004 11:06 PM
by CindyLouWho
BenSlain wrote: And Cindy, dear, sweetheart:o , when was the last time you posted out of the p&g? I hate it when the argument against someones post is that they only post in the P&G. Not counting the ORR the P&G is the mainstay here now. There are, like I pointed out in the past, 25% more post here in the P&G than in the Art Bell section.

It's been a really looooooooong time since I've posted outside of the P & G (except for the Brig) since I don't give a rats ass about most other things at this junction ... whatcherpoint?

Now, stop letting my name so sweetly drip off of your lips, unless you mean it

And leave Linnea alone, too. It has become abundantly clear that you thrive on forum discourse rather than harmony ... give it a rest, man! Continual discourse will not make you taller! ... love you! ;)