Kerry Visualization - great link!

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Kerry Visualization - great link!

Post by Iris » 10-30-2004 09:15 PM

I wanted to add this to Linnea's thread (in P&G) but I see it's locked. Linnea, please feel welcome to put this in there if you like.

I originally posted this in P&G, but then didn't want it to get lost, so I moved it over here.

Let's all shift into the reality together that John Kerry IS president RIGHT NOW. He HAS already WON. Didn't you see it on tv? The entire world is rejoicing! We're tipping the champagne! Kerry won and people are celebrating in the streets the world over!

Here's a grand little site to help you with your visualizations. I hope you'll view it often. :) ... nning.html
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Hold This Image...

Post by Joolz » 11-02-2004 04:17 AM

I ran across a really sweet post tonight at the Kerry/Edwards Online Forum, and just had to share it before I try to sleep... I don't think this poster would mind a bit if I pass this on... hold this image close to your heart...

This was posted there by Choppin Broccoli:

Were You Watching The Cleveland Kerry Rally? Did You Catch This Moment?

I was watching the Kerry rally in Cleveland tonight on C-SPAN and saw a moment that basically described Kerry to a tee. I was wondering if anyone else caught it.

Kerry had finished his speech and had gone down into the crowd to shake some hands. The cameras tried to follow as best they could through the thousands of supporters, but couldn't really get that close. However, it seemed that a microphone was able to get close enough to pick up bits of conversation.

Kerry approached a very enthusiastic-looking young man, and you could overhear this guy say, "I'm sixteen years old, and I gave $1,000 to your campaign." Kerry responded with something the microphone couldn't catch, then the kid could be heard saying, "Swear to God." A couple of seconds passed, and it looked like Kerry was just going to give him the traditional "Thanks for helping out" recognition and then move on down the line. But a second or two after the exchange, Kerry (who could barely be seen over the raised hands of all the people between him and the cameraperson) could be seen taking off his tie and giving it to the young man.

I thought that was a perfect encapsulation of Kerry the man, and what he'll mean to this country. If we go out of our way for him, he'll go out of his way for us. Do you think Bush would have given one of HIS slack-jawed lobotomized lapdogs HIS expensive silk tie? NO WAY!!! But Kerry gave his to a kid who isn't even old enough to vote for him. What a great President John Kerry is going to be. Tomorrow can't get here soon enough for me. I'm giddy like a kid on Christmas Eve. I can't wait to get home and watch the returns come in tomorrow night. And not only should YOU not forget to hold me accountable for my March promise to deliver the State of Ohio to John Kerry, I won't forget to hold MYSELF accountable to my promise to dance in the street after Kerry wins. I've got my dancin' shoes all polished up. Kerry is going to win, he's going to win big, and there's absolutely no doubt in my mind about it. ... 109477&hl=
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Post by CindyLouWho » 11-02-2004 08:49 AM

Excellent posts, my left-hearted sisters :)

I am visualizing it, Iris .... thanks for the reminder!

Joolz, what a great story about the tie .. glad you found this!

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Post by Devastated » 11-02-2004 08:51 AM

I can see it quite clearly. It's happening now!
VOTE, my friends. ;)
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Post by swimmbadd » 11-02-2004 12:03 PM

Joolze, yes I saw that last night and was very touched by it.
Kerry is the man.
Kerry is the one.
I'm giddy like a kid on Christmas Eve.

That explains my feeling very well ;) It feels like it's party time :D
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