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Re: All Things Obama/ The Legacy

Posted: 11-16-2019 04:29 PM
by Doka
So the "Monster" has Lost Control of his "Monster Quisling Creations"? I don't know, if he has time to re-introduce "Sanity" back into the "flock". According to the "Movies" Monsters ,do lose control of their "Creations"

Obama Warns Democratic Candidates that Voters 'Don't Want to See Crazy Stuff' From Them

By Rick Moran November 16, 2019

Former President Barack Obama spoke to several dozen Democratic Party whales on Friday and gave a backhanded endorsement to his former Vice President Joe Biden.

Obama, who bragged about wanting to "transform" America, warned fellow Democrats not to lurch too far to the left during the campaign lest they scare off moderate Republicans and some Democrats. :confused:

Associated Press:

The centrist wing of the party has warned for months that a far-left nominee could alienate moderate Republicans and independent voters needed to oust President Donald Trump.

“The average American doesn't think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it. And I think it's important for us not to lose sight of that,” Obama said. “There are a lot of persuadable voters and there are a lot of Democrats out there who just want to see things make sense. They just don't want to see crazy stuff. They want to see things a little more fair, they want to see things a little more just. And how we approach that I think will be important.”
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Five Times Democrats Didn't Care About Obama Obstruction

Posted: 12-08-2019 08:08 PM
by Riddick
Going by what thet now claim is impeachable? If it's rule of law, holding presidents accountable and such Dems REALLY care about, they should have impeached Obama… and it’s not like they didn’t have multiple opportunities either. Here are just five instances (of many more). LINK

Re: All Things Obama/ The Legacy

Posted: 02-10-2020 10:11 PM
by Doka
Only in Obama's America...........Close a Plant, Screw the Workers and get an Academy Award. Ho-hum?

As Biden would say "Don't confuse the Truth, With the Facts" ( or aomething like that)

Obama’s Oscar-Winning ‘American Factory’ Omits His Own Role in Ohio Factory’s Closing

Former President Barack Obama played a direct role in the hardships of the workers featured in American Factory, the Oscar-winning documentary his new production company produced.

The former president and First Lady Michelle Obama are celebrating the Oscar win for their new production company, Higher Ground, which saw American Factory win Best Documentary Feature on Sunday evening.

The film follows the travails of a shuttered General Motors factory in Ohio that is re-opened by Chinese investors, who save American jobs but encounter cultural and economic clashes with American workers.

But as Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH), the former mayor of nearby Dayton, Ohio, wrote last year, the movie leaves out President Obama’s own role in making life worse for the GM workers who lost their jobs.

Obama’s auto bailout, he recalled, helped force the plant’s closure and made it harder for the workers to find new jobs because his administration was dealing political favors to its favored union allies — and they were in the “wrong” union.

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Re: All Things Obama/ The Legacy

Posted: 02-13-2020 01:00 PM
by Malaria_Kidd II
What a sad story Doka of greed with American citizens employed prior be damned! :x That's a O'Bummer!

Jihad Watch dot org today! If you scare easily don't go there daily.

30 Nigerian motorists at a highway rest stop torched in their vehicles. :(

Buttigiege sp?, Sanders and Biden report! :idea:

All three lit into our president for approving the demise of Iran's top terror expert being sent to Paradise PDQ!

Heck the top opener claimed pics of 4 Dem wanna be presidential candidates are crazy! :lol:

Robert is right!


Re: All Things Obama/ The Legacy

Posted: 02-13-2020 06:48 PM
by Doka
Still importing the Bad Guys, I see......If Obamie ain't Muslim , then the Pope ain't Catholic.

Obama judge orders Iraqi interpreters to be brought to US; interpreters have included rapist and ISIS member

The federal judicial coup against America continues. And, as usual, it’s Obama and Clinton judges at the center of it. And there are some of the usual judicial suspects pulling this same coup over and over again. Some are more obnoxious about it than others.

At the head of the class is Judge Chutkan, an Obama appointee whom some conservatives remember for her role in the Awan case, but really she’s been a standout on immigration issues.

Especially with her contention that taxpayers must pay for the abortion of an illegal alien. That one had to go to the Supreme Court.
And now the Obama judge has another doozy.

A federal judge this week ordered the Trump administration to end visa processing delays for hundreds of Afghan and Iraqi nationals who worked for U.S. forces, giving the government 30 days to propose a plan to end backlogs that have kept many waiting more than four years to enter the United States while facing persecution and death threats.

The ruling Wednesday by U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan of Washington, D.C., granted class-action status to all applicants whose visa requests have been pending for more than nine months — a deadline set by statute — and followed a September opinion in which the judge called the government’s justification for delays “tortured and untenable.”

Granting class action status to visa applicants is absurd.
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