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And the freak-out continues

Posted: 01-24-2017 07:47 AM
by kbot
One of Trump's first actions was to start revising the White House official website. Among other changes, such as pulling information on climate change, the official WH website is now English-only. This may be due to an internal review of the Spanish-content, but the disappearance was enough to get the Left's panties in a major twist.....

Trump fires up English-only debate with missing Spanish page


Donald Trump, whose relationship with Latinos already is frosty, has taken down the White House’s Spanish-language website, and in the process may have kicked off another fiery English-only debate.

It was unclear Monday whether the elimination of Spanish was permanent; White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer did not directly address the use of Spanish during his briefing for reporters.

Some scholars saw the decision as a sign of the president’s “America first” message of protectionism and worried that the absence of Spanish will be taken as an affront to the many Latin-Americans who identify with the language.

“The removal of Spanish says something about English monolingualism, but it also says something about the speakers of Spanish,” said Phillip Carter, a sociolinguist professor at Florida International University in Miami. “Are you in or are you out? Suddenly they’re out.”

The United States, whose population includes about 52 million Spanish speakers, doesn’t have an official language. The founders debated it, but the idea was abandoned because Americans spoke so many languages that making English the only official one might be considered tyrannical – the reason many American residents had fled their home countries.

Still, battles over languages have persisted, particularly in communities that find themselves hosting large numbers of non-English speakers. ... 38959.html

As was noted on TV this morning, there are about 380 languages spoken in the US, so, in order to be fair (correct???) that would mean the WH (and the taxpayers) would need to fund separate webpages in 380 languages. Interestingly, many countries HAVE an official language - many of these are socialist - the Leftist's "dream" countries that we in the US should emulate (we are admonished...).....

List of official languages

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... _languages

Re: And the freak-out continues

Posted: 01-30-2017 12:37 AM
by Riddick


Posted: 02-03-2017 12:09 AM
by Riddick
'Can She Eat More Kale?'
Hordes Of liberals Want Reassurance RBG's Health Is Good

In a week with a relentless churn of WH news, liberals funneled their worst fears into a tiny, elderly woman as Wednesday morning they woke up, did the math and knew the time had arrived to work with the reality they had and channel the energy of thousands of anxious supporters into a solution for the Ruth Bader Ginsburg problem. FULL STORY

Re: And the freak-out continues

Posted: 02-03-2017 12:16 PM
by kbot

I bet the Left is freaking out - a generation of activist justices and it may all be coming to an end. Justice Ginsberg and one more in Trump's term could spell a sea change for nearly a century, which is what the Far Right envisions and hopes-for.

I expect a lot of people on the Left will be losing sleep during the Trump term

Re: And the freak-out continues

Posted: 02-03-2017 01:32 PM
by Cherry Kelly
We need more true constitutional judges.

Order In The Court! Now Here Comes The (Constitutional) Judge

Posted: 02-03-2017 11:14 PM
by Riddick
Cherry Kelly wrote:We need more true constitutional judges.
Damn straight CK! Who says The Donald doesn't care about preserving endangered species? Too much for too long's been done to drive true constitutionalists from the legal landscape -

Trump to the rescue - Find 'em and appoint 'em! Keep constitutional law from going extinct.


Rodent Forecast Freak Out!!

Posted: 02-03-2017 11:55 PM
by Riddick



Posted: 03-05-2017 04:22 AM
by Riddick
Freaked-Out Loretta Lynch Makes An Impassioned Plea For Violence

The Obama administration’s former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has made an impassioned video plea for more marching, blood and death on the streets – a video that was later posted on the Facebook page of Senate Democrats as “words of inspiration.”

The video is less than a minute long and begins by stating that people are experiencing “great fear and uncertainty,” with the unstated implication it is due to Donald Trump’s takeover of the White House.

Without offering any specifics, Lynch goes on to say that “our rights” are “being assailed, being trampled on and even being rolled back.”

But the strongest words come in a statement that seems to suggest the answer is street action that will inevitably turn bloody and deadly.

“I know that this is a time of great fear and uncertainty for so many people,” Lynch says. “I know it’s a time of concern for people, who see our rights being assailed, being trampled on and even being rolled back. I know that this is difficult, but I remind you that this has never been easy. We have always had to work to move this country forward to achieve the great ideals of our Founding Fathers.”

Lynch, who is scheduled to receive the Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal of Law from the University of Virginia, goes on to say: “It has been people, individuals who have banded together, ordinary people who simply saw what needed to be done and came together and supported those ideals who have made the difference. They’ve marched, they’ve bled and yes, some of them died. This is hard. Every good thing is. We have done this before. We can do this again.” FULL STORY


Posted: 03-08-2017 09:48 PM
by Riddick


Posted: 03-30-2017 02:28 AM
by Riddick
Donald Trump just began the “extinction” of human life on Earth, according to Michael Moore.

The US President signed an executive order on Tuesday that rolls back Obama-era rules aimed at tackling global warming.

The order will look to suspend, rescind or flag for review six of Barack Obama’s climate change measures in an effort to boost the use of fossil fuels.

In a Facebook post, Mr Moore said: “Historians in the near future (because that may be the only future we have) will mark today, March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on Earth began.”


Re: And the freak-out continues

Posted: 03-30-2017 03:56 AM
by kbot
Kinda sums-up the Left.........


Posted: 04-07-2017 02:53 AM
by Riddick

Celeb Freak Out!

Posted: 04-14-2017 02:13 AM
by Riddick

Re: Celeb Freak Out!

Posted: 04-14-2017 05:32 AM
by kbot
Well, she has a choice (isn't that the mantra nowadays anyway - "having a choice"?) to either (a) conduct herself like an adult and suck it up (can you say that in polite company anymore, or is that phrase too politically charged?), or (b) avail herself of her Obamacare and gets herself some counseling.......

But, I'll bet that she'll opt for what is behind Door # 3 and just whine and hope to generate some definition of meaning and relevancy and hope for increased sales.

Liberals Freak Out Over What Trump Put Under Hillary’s Portrait

Posted: 04-21-2017 01:00 AM
by Riddick
Portraits of former presidents and their wives hang throughout the White House, and one prominent picture is that of Donald Trump’s 2016 challenger, Hillary Clinton. While Trump can’t take down old crooked Hillary’s portrait, he can display whatever he wants near it, and when liberals saw what was found right below their failed candidate’s picture, they were totally freaking out, breaking the internet. You’re going to love this.

All the fun began when President Trump had some guests to the White House that their mere presence already had the leftists cringing. In a move that already had the liberal tears flowing, Trump welcomed Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and Sarah Palin to the White House, but it gets even better.

In fact, what happened during their visit is creating quite a stir. The snowflakes had to run to their safe spaces after the threesome, who supported Trump during his candidacy, took the opportunity to pose for a pic right under crooked Hillary’s portrait.


It was some great payback for Nugent, Kid Rock, and Palin after the long months of defending Trump, many times to their own detriment, especially for Ted Nugent and Kid Rock who are rockers and in the celebrity limelight. Their support cost them fans, no doubt, but they’d do it all again.

Of course, the sight is the stuff memes are made of and social media wasted no time taking note. As liberal heads began exploding, the left-leaning website Daily Kos posted a whiny article claiming Nugent, Kid Rock, and Palin are all racists, of course. So pissed off are the liberals over the visit that the Daily Kos article spewed a Media Matters list of all the mean things Ted Nugent has said.

Who knows if it’s accurate, but it goes to show how these nutjobs can’t stand anyone calling them on their crap.