The Clinton Private Roof Top Garden and Restaurant.......Not for Deplorables !

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The Clinton Private Roof Top Garden and Restaurant.......Not for Deplorables !

Post by Doka » 09-11-2017 09:46 AM

The Clinton's . If there is a way to make money, the Clinton's have found it, legal, illegal, who's money being taken and used is immaterial , All done with IRS approval . What to do to stop the Clinton Mafia..........Nothing. :facepalm:

The Clinton Private Rooftop Garden: An Obscene Violation Of Charity Law & Principles

Authored by Stuart Dean via,

At least as far back as the days of decadent Roman emperors such as Nero and Caligula, elaborate gardens have been notorious as an unseemly indulgence by those with wealth or power or both. It is easy to understand why, for though a small herbal garden adds charm to even a humble home, the notion that people who purport to care about the country they govern or have governed would squander public resources on an ornamental garden for personal pleasure can well be taken to epitomize the sort of arrogance that ultimately leads to revolution. Such is the case with the 14,000 square foot rooftop garden that the Clinton Foundation (the legal name of which is the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation) had installed in 2007 on the rooftop of the Presidential library in Little Rock Arkansas (the “Rooftop Garden”).

Uncovering The Obscene Violation Of Charity Law & Principles The Rooftop Garden Constitutes

The fact that there is a private penthouse on top of the Presidential library in Little Rock is relatively well known. Even the New York Times admits to knowing about it:

Whose Idea Was It To Approve All This?

Quite apart from the moral implications of a publicly funded private massage parlor “residence” and an upscale restaurant at a Presidential library, there are some legal implications to all this. Explaining them, however, is to say the least, not easy. Indeed, given the association such opulence has with the Roman Empire it is appropriate to characterize the complexity of Clinton Foundation as byzantine. The ‘multi-D’ chess metaphor would hardly be sufficient.

IRS Authorization

The IRS blessed the idea of a charitable foundation to fund the Presidential library. But it should be noted that the exact wording the IRS used leaves much to the imagination?—?too much as its seems given who is behind all this. Here is what was proposed:

The Rest of the Story..................... ... principles
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