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Rep. Jim Jordan Asks 17 Awkward Questions About Pelosi's "Impeachment Inquiry"

Posted: 10-12-2019 06:20 PM
by Doka
Rep. Jim Jordan Asks 17 Awkward Questions About Pelosi's "Impeachment Inquiry"

Rep. Jim Jordan has been among the most outspoken critics of the farce that is the Democrats' "impeachment inquiry," and tonight, in a series of tweets, the Ohio congressman asks the uncomfortable questions that the media seems unwilling to.

1. Why did the “whistleblower” write an 800+ word memo describing President Trump and President Zelensky’s call based on second-hand information gleaned from a conversation that lasted just a few minutes?

2. Why did the “whistleblower” wait 18 days to file the complaint after describing the call as “frightening” in their memo?

3. Why and when did the “whistleblower” communicate with Rep Adam Schiff’s staff before filing the complaint?

4. Why did the “whistleblower” hide from the ICIG that they met with Rep Adam Schiff’s staff by not checking the box on the whistleblower form indicating they had spoken to Congress?

5. Why didn’t Rep Adam Schiff tell us his staff had met with the “whistleblower?”

6. Why didn’t the “whistleblower” just give his memo to the Inspector General, instead of a seven page complaint dressed up with extraneous citations and media references?

7. Why is Rep Adam Schiff holding hearings, depositions, and interviews behind closed doors?

8. Why won't Rep Adam Schiff release the transcripts of these interviews, instead of leaking cherry-picked information that fits his narrative?

9. Why won't Rep Adam Schiff take questions from the press after these interviews, like Republicans have done?

10. Why does Speaker Pelosi think we need to “strike while the iron is hot,” instead of taking time for serious and thorough investigative fact-finding?

11. Why is Speaker Pelosi scared to have a vote to open an official impeachment inquiry like it’s been done every other time?

12. Why do Democrats keep making up the rules as they go along, instead of following a fair process?

13. What work did the “whistleblower” do with a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate?

14. Why do Democrats and the media keep falsely claiming President Trump pressured Ukraine? President Zelensky has repeatedly said that he wasn't pushed.

15. Why don't Democrats trust the American people to choose the President? The election is less than 13 months away.

16. Why won't Democrats focus on helping the country, instead of attacking the President with this unfair and partisan process?

And finally, and perhaps most importantly...

17.Why won't the media ask these questions to Rep Adam Schiff or Speaker Pelosi?

And no, these are not rhetorical questions!

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Ask Us No Questions AND We'll Still Spread Vile Lies

Posted: 10-12-2019 07:13 PM
by Riddick
Doka wrote:
10-12-2019 06:20 PM
And finally, and perhaps most importantly...

17. Why won't the media ask these questions to Rep Adam Schiff or Speaker Pelosi?
That's easy. Schiff & the Speaker have special dispensation; what else can anyone expect when the coup leaders work in tandem with the major fraudcast news outlets??

Bullsh!t is what it is.

5 Things The MSM Won’t Tell You About The Impeachment Inquiry

Posted: 11-09-2019 10:15 PM
by Riddick

Bribery: Democrats' New Desperation Move

Posted: 11-17-2019 07:11 PM
by Riddick
Engines set on full throttle, Pilot Schiff added Ukraine to his bag of tricks guaranteed to get President Trump. Thus the world witnesses “Impeachment Farce,” as Schiff brought in his “witnesses”.

And in hilarious fashion, the witnesses revealed they knew nothing directly of quid pro quo by the President. Further, they revealed the Obama administration actually withheld vital funds and equipment that may have gotten Ukrainians killed.

It got worse for Schiff and co. when one Democrat congressman declared hearsay “evidence” was better than first-hand evidence. What next? Will Democrats claim DNA evidence is less reliable than bite marks!

When it comes to actually producing evidence of wrongdoing, Dems have pretty much run out of runway. Yet their Spruce Goose continues rambling down the runway towards the cliff.

So they consulted experts in language and switched from accusing the president of quid pro quo to accusing him of taking bribes. Because people do know what bribery means. And now they must prove that President Trump enriched himself in his dealings with Ukraine.

A few people responded on social media.

Except the “bribery” referred to in the Constitution is the acceptance of bribes by the President. If the reverse were illegal, the entire State Department would be in jail. That is literally our foreign policy, pay nations to do things we feel benefit our interests.

And on that note, another person tweeted:

Are they SURE they want to live on that knife edge? It cuts both ways!

Another reference to the strategy shift recognizes the futility of this new strategy, given the documented evidence provided by Joe Biden. A person tweeted:

Hunter Biden received the bribe. Joe Biden extorted the bribe. yup, good move. much clearer now.

Things went so bad that in trying to cover for Farce 2.0, Pelosi completely punted. She realizes Dems have taken this albatross as far down the runway as they can, and they are headed for the cliff.

Stay tuned as Trump pushes said plane over the cliff.


Season's Bleatings

Posted: 12-14-2019 02:56 PM
by Riddick

Oh Impeachment, Oh Impeachment,
House Democrats' great folly!
Of their attempt to unseat Trump?
The Roll Call folks make jolly -

Who wants to bet we'll see this farce
Come back to bite Dems in the arse -
Oh, Quid Pro Joe, Oh Quid Pro Joe
Ukraine's YOUR bane, by Golly!!


Posted: 12-21-2019 01:50 PM
by Riddick