Cockroach Milk

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Cockroach Milk

Post by Riddick » 06-26-2020 02:54 PM

Scientists think that cockroach (yes, those pesky insects that flutter in your home) milk could be a new superfood. The milk is four times as nutritious as cow’s milk! The predicted future superfood can only be produced by Diploptera punctate, as ScienceAlert details:
  • The fact that an insect produces milk is pretty fascinating – but what fascinated researchers is the fact that a single one of these protein crystals contains more than three times the amount of energy found in an equivalent amount of buffalo milk (which is also higher in calories than regular cow's milk).

    Clearly milking a cockroach isn't the most feasible option, so an international team of scientists headed by researchers from the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India decided to sequence the genes responsible for producing the milk protein crystals to see if they could somehow replicate them in the lab.

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