Dark Matter Survey

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Dark Matter Survey

Post by kbot » 08-04-2017 05:51 AM

Interesting new research........

New map of Universe's dark matter
3 August 2017

Researchers have released the most accurate map ever produced of the dark matter in our Universe.

The team surveyed more than 26 million galaxies in the largest study of its kind.

The map will help scientists understand what dark matter is made from and learn more about another mysterious phenomenon called dark energy.

The results have been released by the international Dark Energy Consortium (DES).

According to Professor Ofer Lahav of University College London (UCL), and chair of the DES Advisory Board, the map would provide new insights into how the Universe operates.

"Dark energy and dark matter represent probably one of the biggest mysteries in the world of science. And this has generated a lot of interest across the whole of science because it is a major shakeup. And actually we still don't know what it is," he said.

Scientists have suspected that there is more material in the Universe than we can observe for more than 80 years.
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