Technology Coming your way

Leading edge technology. Nanobots, gen tech, zero gravity?

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Technology Coming your way

Post by Doka » 11-19-2017 03:25 PM

Technology Coming your way

In the meantime...........while we are stuck in the human-in-fighting in political soup and trying to figure out the next pandemic that is going to kill us all, we are going to be experiencing a tech surge that we haven't seen for a long time. It will be used for GOOD AND EVIL as it always has been. But we will find it more and more in our daily lives and never be too sure how it got there?

I get this catolog that never fails to give me hints of what is to come........Here are a few that took my eye, I'm sure you can find more........

1. A wood base, with a wood pot with an "air fern" that "floats" a few inches above the base, fited with an "Electromagnetic Device" in the base. Ya! A tiny miniture of what is is going to help us get into space, helped build the Pyramid's and Coral Castle, can be yours for $129.99

2. Lot's high Tech in "Far Infrared Ray"(F.I.R.) to help sooth sore muscles, play games with or powered up to use in lazers to blow planes out of the sky and level cities.

3. Tons of Hi-Tech "Drones" and very affordable too. Handy to keep tabs on the kids or a wondering Grandma or peek in windows, watch you as you sunbath in the nude, or be armed with the above #2 weapons

4. A Tabletop Fire Pace........Now this is just plain kool :D
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