Quarantine Quotes

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Quarantine Quotes

Post by Riddick » 05-15-2020 09:52 PM

"I didn't even know Grandma had a gun until I coughed at her house!"

"Thank God my Wife has multiple personalities, I'm quarantined with someone different every day."

"Returned from the grocery store with the hubby. Took masks off. It turned out it was the wrong hubby! Be attentive!"

"Yesterday my husband thought he saw a cockroach in the kitchen. He sprayed everything down and cleaned thoroughly. Today I'm putting the cockroach in the bathroom."

"If you thought Toilet Paper was crazy just wait until 300 million people all want a haircut appointment."

"Until further notice the days of the week are now called Thisday, Thatday, Otherday, Someday, Yesterday, Today & Nextday"

"This quarantine made me realize I have no real hobbies besides going out to eat and spending money."

"The problem with stealing quotes off the Internet is you never know if they are genuine." -Abraham Lincoln
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Re: Quarantine Quotes

Post by Doka » 05-16-2020 12:45 PM

Great Quotes! :D

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