Planet X in 2004?????

Planet X ~ incoming?

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Planet X in 2004?????

Post by joequinn » 01-15-2004 06:22 PM

I have always viewed the entire concept of Planet X with contempt and I laughed with disdain when Nancy Leider (the Zetatalk woman) was flayed alive last spring for predicting that the world was going to come to an end on 15 May. But on the 6th and the 14th of this month Jeff Rense interviewed David L. Booth, and while neither I nor Jeff Rense believe in Planet X, I must bring something to your collective attention. Your comments would be appreciated greatly.

David L. Booth is a computer specialist, now retired, who suddenly had the same dream for ten nights in a row in early 1979 about the impending crash of an enormous aircraft. By the time that the dream series --- consisting always of the exact same dream --- was coming to an end, Booth was frantic to contact the FAA. Now, as it turns out, the FAA has been taking the premonitions of dreamers regarding plane crashes seriously since the 1950s, so Booth ended up contacting an FAA specialist named Wells. Both men tried to pinpoint the date and the location of the impending crash, without luck. Then one afternoon, within just a few hours after the last dream in the series, Wells called Booth to inform him that a DC-10, later evaluated to have sported some loose bolts as a result of a shoddy maintenance procedure, had crashed at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. Every detail of the crash was exactly as Booth had dreamed it, and to this day, the DC-10 crash at O'Hare remains the single biggest aviaton disaster in American history. Since everything was on record with the FAA, Booth briefly became quite famous for his precognitive experience. I distinctly remember reading about the incident and about Booth at that time. But then time passed; Booth had no further precognitive dreams (for which he was grateful); and he faded away from the public eye (for which he was also grateful).

Then in March of 2003, the month that Bush invaded Iraq, Booth had another dream for ten straight nights, a dream identical in every single detail. In the wake of this second dream, which shook him tremendously, Booth has gotten together with Wayne Green to put up a website ( and to self-publish a small book entitled Code Red. Apparently, once he gets a requisite number of orders and pre-orders in early February, Booth is going to print one run of the book and then let things go. Because, if Booth is correct, it really will not be worth the effort of publishing a second edition.

The dream that Booth had ten months ago was this one. He finds himself far out in space, approximately twice the distance from the earth to the moon (about 500,000 miles). Looking straight ahead of him and slightly downwards, he can see the earth (which is about the size of a quarter), and off to the earth's right, he can see the moon (which is about the size of a dime). Then, as he observes this scene, Booth suddenly sees a spherical dark mass (about the size of a half-dollar, and thus much larger than the earth) approach the earth from underneath his line of vision, right in the area of Antarctica. Booth is somewhat vague about the nature of these spherical dark mass, although he refuses to dismiss the possibility either that it is intelligently controlled or that it is visible only in the ultra-violet light range. In any case, the object comes up near the earth and then proceeds to move to the left of the earth along Booth's line of vision (i.e. on the opposite side of the earth from the moon). Booth estimates that, from his perspective, there is about a dollar bill's worth of distance between the half-dollar size of the object and quarter size of the earth at their closest approach.

At this point, Booth's perspective begins to close in on the earth, moving from its 500,000 mile focal point to one that is approximately 100,000 to 125,000 miles away (i.e. about one-quarter to one-fifth of his previous perspective). Booth can no longer see the enormous dark object, although he gets the impression that the object changes direction as a result of the combined pull of the earth and the moon's gravitational attraction, and that it kicks away to the left at a 45 degree angle. What Booth does see --- all that he does see --- is the North American continent. At the moment when the object is closest to the earth, he sees an enormous explosion in the Montana-Wyoming region of North America (the region, of course, where the Yellowstone Caldera lies, although Booth did not know about that ten months ago). An enormous cloud of gray-black smoke, with wicked gleams of orange underneath it, suddenly ascends into the atmosphere, and then an enormous atmospheric shock wave spreads out over the entire planet. And on all ten nights Booth suddenly awakens at this exact point in his dream.

Booth believes --- why, I cannot know because Jeff Rense did not ask --- that this event is going to happen sometime in 2004, and he believes that this event (which will last no more than 24 hours) will devastate two-thirds of the United States. He further believes that the American Government has known about the object's impending arrival for a very long time, that this Governmental knowledge explains the Government's massive preparation of underground shelters for decades, and that the Government has been careful to disperse its operations around the globe in order to minimize the destructive impact of the object's passing on its root structure. Booth mentions that, in his opinion, the major reason why Bush invaded Iraq was because --- after the United States and the Soviet Union --- Iraq has the largest and most elaborate underground bunkers on the planet: oil, in his opinion, was secondary to these bunkers as a causus belli. He also declares that, by the time of the event, 80% of the armed forces of the United States will be located outside of America, which will leave America's military power intact after the event but which also will leave the minority of Americans who survive the impact of this celestial event absolutely powerless against the foreigners who will invade the country to scavage the remains of American prosperity. And, I repeat, Booth believes that all of these things are going to happen in 2004. Which is why there will not be a second edition of Code Red.

Jeff Rense does not patronize end of the world stories on his show and he laughs with contempt at the notion of Planet X. But Booth is so famous for his 1979 air craft prediction that Rense had to give him a hearing --- on two different nights. I myself remain unconvinced by Booth's scenario. I have no doubt that the American Government would hide the existence of such an approaching object and would allow most of its citizenry to be destroyed: it is, and for decades has been, a criminal enterprise, pure and simple. But I cannot believe that such an object --- even if it were visible only in the ultra-violet light range --- would escape detection by a global army of amateur astronomers. One cannot be sure that the dream was not a psychic distortion piped into Booth's mind for cultural disinformation purposes, and I still do not understand why, even if the dream is a true precognition, Booth is so insistent that it will play out in 2004 (i.e. within the next 50 weeks). Notwithstanding these caveats, Jeff Rense did note Booth's prediction on his show, and I have summarized it for you here.

Comments, anybody?

Regards and best wishes to you all,

Joe Quinn
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Post by Laird » 01-15-2004 07:26 PM

Perhaps this is the hidden reason for scrap piling the space station.

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Post by patriot4u » 02-18-2004 08:40 PM

Interesting prediction.

If you add that yellowstone is volcanicly active right now and maybe a little about the newly discovered dark matter it would make the prediction understandable.

Dark matter is said to move in waves and could be the cosmic force that makes the volcano pop.
600 miles is predicted to be flatened.
Includes me.

Time to relise that activety in dark matter effects our visable relm.

Also the yellow ?
Is that reference to all the sulfer at yellow stone?
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Post by orion » 02-20-2004 10:55 PM

Well according to Ed Dames it's out there and coming this way. No timeline given, says it won't hit, but will cause upheavals on the planet.


Post by Guest » 02-20-2004 11:03 PM

On Sept. 29, 2004, it's estimated that the Toutatis Asteroid will be 962,951 miles from Earth, the closest that it will get to us in the near future, at 1:37 PM (though the 'time-zone' is not specified in the article that I found pertaining to the matter).
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Post by Laird » 02-20-2004 11:54 PM

Didn't Georgy Noory mention at the beginning of his show last night that MIT had found an object out past neptune that was huge is that the same astroid?

David's view of Planet X is identical to mine grazing/influencing the left side of Earth. I'm uncertain where that left side is during normal 24 hour rotation.

The Ley Line activity has hit an all time high in Smithville during the last 7 days ... I've personally encountered 2 of em. Another one shot through here this afternoon appox 3 pm CST.
The one before was directly tied to Yellowstone so it's more than likely this one is too.

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Post by Byeman/Endtimes » 02-24-2004 04:09 AM

I just caught Noory's show with David Boone concerning the space event on or about September 2004. I am a student of bible primarily the coming Tribulation which I have been studying the the past 30 years. The possible date I have come up with of the beginning of this 7 year period is April 2004 with the Rapture occuring Aug/september before the feast of Trumpet then the first trumpet which a 1/3 of the earth is turned to fire! This is in direct coalation of this space event of September 28/29 2004.
Now it gets scary!

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Post by snowbird » 02-27-2004 03:22 PM

See the above url for a page full of the earth's mysteries. Ley lines are first on the list

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Post by Gotrox » 02-28-2004 12:07 AM

Didn't the world end on Jan 1 2000? Or was it May 15 2003, about the time Mt. Ranier blew. I distinctly remember "Dr. Doom" cancelling all his workshops for the latter 1/2 of 2003 to "dig in". Fungus from space killed all our crops, and we all got gangrenous ergotism----wot???? oops , sorry---musta been a temporary alternate reality fugue----I'm much better now. ;)

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Post by Aloha » 02-29-2004 02:26 AM

Well I studied Mr. Booth's predition... and it's vague when it gets to the explosion over the west coast..but there are other predictions... all of them say that America will survive pretty much intact until a final confontation with the east...I'm more concerned about the possibilty of a small object hitting the earth, or a black hole passing through the solar system and disturbing the orbits of the planets....or a gamma ray burst..he doesn't say that it hits the what ever happens, it happens because it passes close to us... which would disturb our orbit... If a large object that came that close to Earth we would begin to feel it's gravity, before it hit us, and it's harder for something to pass by us without being captured by our gravity, or the sun's...there was an astronomer on coast to coast several months ago that predicted the same thing.. only he said it was a comet, also coming from the south where it wouldn't be seen right away..the date that Mr. Booth gave was June 8,'s scary but a story that big will be investigated... so probably if there is a cover up this will blow the lid off it and will have the truth fairly soon.

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Post by Shell » 03-13-2004 11:02 AM

Hi Everybody...

Joe, I agree with your observations and conclusions completely...

...except for one nuance... I don't think he specifically said that it will happen this year... but the set and settings come in to play this year. In fact, he has said that we are in this window for the next 8 years.

I understand that you said this early on during David's tour "on air". There are 2 other sources if you want to go listen to more of David's interviews...

The 1st one is The Host is Alex Merklinger, and he has a nightly streaming show with a lot of the usual cast of characters... and he also has FREE archives (for the time being, anyway... go to those archives, beginning in January. David (and Wayne) did a show with Alex within a few days of his 1st show with Jeff. He has made several appearances on Alex's... hmmm.. (looking in my archives...) 6, to be exact. One of those was with Dick Eastman (who deals with the Pentagon issue of 9-11), and one was with David Icke. Very illuminating interviews.

The other show is "Feet to the Fire" - David and Wayne did 2 shows with this Host, whose name is James Arthur Jancik. (Don't let the picture fool you... ) You owe it to yourself if you are following this "development" to go listen to these shows... he too, has free archives (at least for the time being...)

There have been many shows with David and Wayne on this topic since Jan... including even one done with Lou Gentile... THAT was an awesome show... (have that one, already mp3'd, IM me if interested).

One thing that I have learned - there is a lot more to David, and he knows a lot more, than just what was heard on C2C or Jeff... The more sources out there to listen to what David has to say, and who he aligns with, the better to get a concept of where he's coming from. And these listed, are the sources that I'm aware of.

You know what I mean. He came off as "just a guy" that has already had one prophetic dream... 10 days running... and NOW he's had one more... 10 days running... and everybody has a "wait n' see" attitude. But when you go and listen to him in these other venues, that don't have all of the commercial breaks (and the train of thought isn't being broken every 10 minutes) the more you get out of what he is saying.

The "Mysteries of the Mind" shows have NO commericials. NONE. They break once an hour for "news". That's it. They carry on actual on going conversations, in depth. And after a while, they talk themselves out... get the message out... and then go into additional background or associated info and affiliations to other people (like James McCanney), that you just don't hear... otherwise, or other places...

Feet 2 Fire is like that too, but they do have a break or two in there... actually, the first show David did with this host, RAN LONG... it was only supposed to be 2 hrs. But they stayed on 2 1/2... really good. I can't remember which show it was... I think it was the second... David was on the whole show... but part of it was with Wayne (then he left) and James McCanney for a while (then he left), and the balance of the show was just David.

C2C and Jeff's shows were basics, and kinda just left it at that level. These others fill in some interesting little pockets that you should invest the time in listening to, if you want the whole picture.

Let me know if you want to hear about Lou's show, since we "may never see" the archives come up... THAT was a real interesting show. It scared Lou. You could hear it in his voice... and the questions he asked in the end...

Oh, and here's a scoop. Remember David and Wayne telling George that they were going over to meet with Sister Lucia in Portugal?

... a little bird has told me that THAT NIGHT (March 18th - Thursday coming up) David and Wayne will be on C2C after that meeting.

Notice how the schedule for this week stops on Wednesday?

My source is good. From the horse's mouth, you could say.


:cool: Shell

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Post by USSGoblin » 03-16-2004 07:02 PM

I believe that Pluto and the newly discovered Sedna are breakaway moons, their orbit and size is what makes me think this.
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Post by Guest » 03-16-2004 09:08 PM

Actually Pluto and the other moon-sized icy objects are breakaway ice chunks from the Oort cloud where comets come from. The newly found object has an extremely eliptical orbit its at near its closest approach to the sun now at 8billion miles, but will got out to over 80billion miles in 5000 years. This to me makes the possibility of the Sumerian/Sitchin Planet X with the eliptical orbit of 3600 years a possibility now - we would have a hard time finding it until it nears the closest point in the orbit as with this newly discovered object. Both Pluto and Sedna are 1/2 the size of Earth's moon!

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Post by USSGoblin » 03-17-2004 05:37 AM

but i think Sumerian/Sitchin Planet X is supposed to be larger than earth according to the myth. I still doubt very much that a planet sized object will pass between the earth and the moon anytime this year, or even this century.
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Post by Guest » 03-17-2004 03:44 PM

Yes Nibiru is larger than earth. I think its out near its farthest approach so would be impossible to detect at that distance, probably 50 billion miles ore more. It will be 1000+ years before it enters the inner solar system again.

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