Planet X ~ incoming?

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It was the June 9, 2004 - Fourth Crop Formation Reported in Italy. Courtesy of HERA MAGAZINE

Photograph © 2004 by Adriano Forgione, HERA Magazine

I recognized patterns I had seen recently. I recognized them right away.

On the right hand side of this crop circle, was a graphic representation of the Venus transiting event that just took place. A line was drawn between it across the field and connected to the figure on the left. In the middle of the crop circle was also something I recognized immediately. It appeared to be remarkable similar to the data found on the Swan radar animation that had been offerred recently to support the claims of incoming comets made by Aussie Bloke.

Now I know, he's been discredited, found out whatever. Please just bear with me here. If you review the following animation, you will also see the similarities to the figure in the center of the crop circle. I believe it also may diagram the relative sizes of the incoming objects in tracings of other circles within the main center circle. ... comets.gif

The small dots in this center circle correspond to the white dots of the Swan radar images. That leaves the circle on the left. It is connected by a line that only intersects the outer most framing circle which lends a window of enlargement that, I believe may be highlighting the information found to it's right hand side as communicating that all of that is contained or "hidden" by it. I see what appears to be a diagram of what lies behind the sun that Venus had just transited across. This circle on the left is a "behind the sun image" of what is appoaching in the same way that the circle in the middle is a Swan radar image of what is approaching.

Was the transiting of Venus as possibly displayed in the right hand sides graphic a warning event? A precursor so to speak of the events protrayed by the first and second circles diagrams? Is this crop circle a warning to us all of what is soon to take place following the transit of Venus as displayed on the right?

Coincidence? or Incoming!

I have included a graphic which details what I have just stated in diagram format below. It is my reproduction, with text of the Warning Crop Circle found at the top of the most recent web site.


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