Check out this Antartic webcam...very odd

Planet X ~ incoming?

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Check out this Antartic webcam...very odd

Post by Kenny_D_Rogers » 09-04-2004 04:28 PM


I feel kind of lame making a clame for a planet X, but people.....I have no idea what this is. (link )

I have been following this along with some others on a diffrent forum (link ... e60048734c )
so far we have disproven the posability that it is a speck of dirt, because it is moving in a constant orbit. The pic where it shows the moon and the light right above/below it might be harder to find, but it certian blew me away when I saw it about 3 days ago.

I would like to see what people on this forum have to say because there certianly are some bright folks here. I personally think it is a planet(or planet type object) with a U.F.O. escort.

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