"Forest Contact" Ground Zero - Clyde Lewis! Napa Valley Mega Fires!

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"Forest Contact" Ground Zero - Clyde Lewis! Napa Valley Mega Fires!

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 10-13-2017 09:25 AM

Last late evening via "The Big One" @ WTAM 1100 AM Cleveland the topic was mainly the CA wildfire disaster now with 40 lives lost. :( And now for our convenience here is Ground Zero's "Forest Contact" at Sound Cloud.

Edited on 10/19/17 by Malaria_Kidd: @ 53:23 Clyde starts talking about "exploding fire balls" and he eventually leads his talk into the Wine Country fires that, at one time, totaled 22 in number in the Napa Valley area :!: :oops:

https://soundcloud.com/groundzeromedia/ ... er-12-2017

Back around 2000 my wife, myself and George, our Chesapeake Bay retriever arrived south of a fresh picked corn field. Then we decided where to go hunting legal birds with the farmer's permission in the middle of his field 1 mile east of town.

After she dropped George and myself off on the west end of an oil pumper's (for daily checks) road to a black pump jack. She then drove to another road running parallel east to another pump. We would be 100 yards apart.

As I walked east to my spot I looked over at her driving to her short destination. Then "out of the blue", my theory anyways, a small puff of white smoke was coming up 50 yards into the field! :o

Not having cell phones George and I walked north to ask my wife to drive to the landowner's house to ask them to call out the fire district's personnel to douse the small fire spreading slowly with little wind. It just burned the dry stalks in a 50 foot circle and arriving with our off road brush rig, they doused it fast. :wink:

Later on my veneer log buyer's theory was a good one but not one I agreed with, but I gave him a positive comment on his idea. He thought an airplane pilot may have thrown out a lit cigarette. Hmm! 8)

I told my wife that it just could have been a tiny, very hot meteorite coming down from the "blue skies" in the early afternoon in SW IN. :oops:

That's Clyde's "out of the blue" topic I heard after 10 O'clock but he mentions "fire balls" setting the massive fires in central California. Have a listen or skip around on the time line at Sound Cloud to find it.

:shock: 22 wildfires are the total to date and the disaster to home owners, public buildings and commercial structures, now totaling over 8,000, started out with 12. :oops: :(

MK II :idea: I think National needed a new thread for those terrible killer fires that are a long way from dying down being just 10% contained heard on the radio news.
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