Collector "Devastated" After Dark Knight Robbery

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Collector "Devastated" After Dark Knight Robbery

Post by Riddick » 01-11-2019 03:06 AM


For any comic collector, their worst nightmare is having their prized collection stolen, and unfortunately that's what happened to Pedigree Comics' comic art consignment director Rand Lawrence. He has an extremely impressive collection of Batman and Detective Comics issues, but part of that collection was recently stolen from his indoor storage unit in Boca Raton, Florida.

The 439 books stolen, which include issues like Batman #2 were worth around $1.4 million. Recently relating the situation in a letter to friends, Lawrence said:

"I know that many of you have experienced items being stolen in the past, but for me this is a first and on such a high level it’s been devastating….as this collection was my nest egg, and I had worked so hard and done without for so long to put this together that it being taken away from me this way has left me in a very bad way,"

Lawrence went on to say they might have an idea of who took the books but also asked for help from the community in keeping watch for any big Batman and Detective Comics books coming up for sale.


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