UK News Flash! Tommy Robinson out on bail!

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UK News Flash! Tommy Robinson out on bail!

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 08-03-2018 09:36 AM

July 31, 2018.........this past Wednesday he was allowed to bail out of prison?

I think we've posted a little something, somewhere here, about Tommy Robinson since his arrest outside a UK courthouse. 5 hours later he was thrown in prison for a term of 13 months! Quick justice, eh?

A 29 member rape gang was on trial inside the courthouse and he was filming his report live outdoors on Facebook.

USA MSM coverage might have been brief, if at all! But I'm listening now and Fox News' Tucker Carlson is interviewing him as I type! :idea:

He's still a long way from being out of the dark British forest....AKA....the woods!

Follow along here........

This 1st link once clicked shows it does not exist...........then it transferred to the link below

The UK is not a free nation. :confused:

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