Global Debt Levels Raise Red Flags

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Global Debt Levels Raise Red Flags

Post by Riddick » 09-03-2018 11:01 PM

Massive debt burden increases in key developing economies since the 2008 downturn fuel fears of a new global contagion ... isis-ahead

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Re: Global Debt Levels Raise Red Flags

Post by Doka » 09-04-2018 02:39 PM

Very good article.

As the world embraces Socialism and the people get poorer and poorer and governments get richer and richer, the people will blame every thing but what the problem really is. Their own greed and the idea that all needs and wants are magically OWED to them from cradle to grave. Why would anyone invest in a county like that?

The Hatred of capitalism, is the equivalent to cutting the legs off their horse entered in the race, and don't have a clue why it didn't win the race! This is the "ideal" being sold to the masses, which is met with much approval. It is an insidious belief, entrenced in the hearts and minds of the masses, promoted by the Liberal Democrat Brotherhood. They have planted the seeds and gleefully just have to be a tiny bit patient, the masses are already demanding that governments are given the Power over their lives, their money, their thoughts.

As more and more poverty sets in, more hatred for capitalism, (which could save them) will set in. It is hard to watch, I will never understand those that choose suffering, and the equality that poverty brings. But when it is Demanded by the masses, they will not only get what they want in this life and also in the next, by demand.

People are leaving the Socialist Dictatorships, by the droves, they come here, enjoy all the perks that Capitalism gives them, run for Congress on the very same idiologies, they ran from and win. Go figure :confused: :shock:

Which brings me to something else............Let's say the United States is totally flipped into a totally Socialist State. Where are all the hungery American Refugees going to go? At the moment China is the most Capitalist Country in the world and might be the # 1 "Place to go" if they let us in..........perhaps they may let in a few spoiled Americans in...........a little slave labor, might be appealing to them?
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