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The World’s Last Blockbuster Has No Plans To Close

Posted: 03-07-2019 09:39 PM
by Riddick
With the closing of a Blockbuster store in Australia, the one in Bend, Ore., will be the last to survive changes in technology and shopping that reshaped the way people watch movies at home. FULL STORY

Re: The World’s Last Blockbuster Has No Plans To Close

Posted: 03-10-2019 12:17 PM
by Doka
We have one little independant rental place here in my tiny town. I still like watching a movie off of a CD, just because, I'm not good at sitting for very long. Streaming is OK , just don't do it much. One thing about getting old, I find is, that I have a lot of carry overs from "Old Times" to "Current Times". The young don't have that, but I suppose like every generation, they too will go thru the same thing.. :?: The longer I live, the more "Vintage" I get.

Talk About Vintage Video!

Posted: 03-10-2019 03:19 PM
by Riddick
We also have a small independent video store but not only do they rent, buy and sell DVDs, they also buy and sell videotapes. As it is this weekend, I've already watched 3 VHS movies I bought there - "Fierce Creatures," "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World" and "Bowfinger"

I'll be watching "Goldmember" shortly, and I've pulled "Volunteers," "Goodfellas" and "Mrs Doubtfire" from my stash waiting for when I next feel like a weekend binge. I'd estimate I have 100 tapes. They charge 10 cents apiece and they'll buy 'em back for a nickel each.

Five dollars net to watch 'em all. Versus $10 or more to see one movie in the theater? No thanks. It' may take me a while to go through my supply but there's plenty more where they came from provided the store doesn't close, and my VHS players hold out under the strain!