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William Henry UPDATE

Posted: 04-16-2003 11:34 AM
by revisedcode
Dont want to cross post this THREAD so here is the LINK.


Revisedcode :D

Note From William in France

Posted: 05-17-2003 09:55 PM
by revisedcode
Hi Demian, letting you know we're having a great time in France.
Looking forward to seeing you guys next week. Hope all is well. Best.


End of Email

Hey I think thats great William was able to get off an email while on the TRIP. I'd love to go to IRELAND next trip!


Posted: 05-25-2003 10:01 AM
by revisedcode
William is back from France, and on his way to Seattle.

Lucky RC gets to meet William later today!!!

William will be speaking on Mon and Tuesday 26-7th
at the Raddison Hotell Phoenix Room.

I am having a great time at the convention.


William Henry

Posted: 05-26-2003 11:02 AM
by Clyf
Hello. I;m also a fan of Wm. Henry. Followed him on C2C several times. Wish I could have attended this year to hear him. I attended last year...had a great time and met some fine folks.Maybe next year... He will be speaking in Nashville in September. I'll be there. Say hello to Charollote and Phillip for me. Enjoy!

Posted: 06-22-2003 12:08 AM
by Laird
I've got an easy question ... what was the reason for having a post office box in Anchorage back in 1997? Was it because of a book you wrote on Bible codes?

Glad you had fun sight seeing.

Posted: 02-19-2004 07:52 PM
by patriot4u
Information about the secret teachings of E.A./Issa/Jesus in India, Ireland, England and America before the Crucifixion was concealed or destroyed.

I think it would be interesting to find sir name meanings in the countries mentioned in Heneries web page that are simular or the same.

I know my sir name is in Both india and England ,also Ireland.

Means son of the devine, or devine grace.

Might be interesting to see.

Posted: 09-09-2004 12:10 PM
by T12
Hello William!

Although we have exchanged many emails, it was a most pleasurable "experince" to finally meet with you at the Bay Area UFO Expo and share some of these things in person.

Look forward to working together in related projects soon.

Until then becomes now....
our paths are destined to converge once again.

T.A.P.-T.E.N. Research Foundation (International)

Posted: 09-11-2004 12:13 PM
by Westward Ho
And our Lord William Henry doth speak "Follow me, all who are heavy laden. And I shall maketh the blind to not hear, and the deaf to not see, and call it good. Then I shall call my disciple and investment partner Whitley Streiber to help me spread the sacred word through the ethers and the ethernet/internet."

And in a distant land, William Henry's precursor, Sheldon Nidel, rejoiceth in the coming of the new Lord. "I was but the John the Baptist of this new Messiah, the harbinger of the One. And my sales of my books on the coming of the Galactic Federation and the Photon Belt have arisen from the dead. All praise to the new master."

And loosening their Photon Belts, the new masters left DENNYS (after having supped at the Last Supper on fish sticks and fries) and descended into their rental car for the celestial journey to the next Whole Earth Expo.

Posted: 09-12-2004 12:45 PM
by T12
Westward Ho,

I think I may have understood bits of your riddle, but to be sure that we are translating it correctly, would you care to paraphrase it for us in plain text modern english?

Say what you mean & spit it out!