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William Henry Intro

Posted: 01-22-2003 11:22 AM
by benner
What should I read first by him? I'm getting more and more impressed by his work as time goes by.

Just got Fingerprints by Hancock - will be starting tonite...(spelling mistake edited)

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Posted: 01-22-2003 12:10 PM
by William Henry
Hi Benner, I recommend starting with either "Blue Apples" or "Cloak of the Illuminati". Both books are loaded with ancient stargate art and amazing myths.
They're available at my site,

BTW I'll be back on Coast to Coast am on Wednesday, January 29 for another hot interview with George. FF made a huge difference in getting us off to a solid start. I truly appreciate it. I thought the interview was a sizzler. My site was on fire for 2 weeks, with over 100,000 hits. Way to go!

Keep polishing. This is going to be a brilliant year.

Posted: 01-22-2003 01:46 PM
by benner
Well fancy that! Straight from the horse's mouth!

Did my message find you through a wormhole or what?

Welcome William, and thank you for all the interesting food for thought you have provided us with.

I tried to order from your site 4 days ago but was unable to access it. Will try again soon...

Posted: 01-22-2003 01:49 PM
by eliza_nightvoice
William, How great you've come aboard. A hearty pirate's welcome and a round of rum for the mates.

(and Linnea is going to be thrilled that you've posted.)

Benner, William's books are great. You may be overwhelmed during the first few pages with all the information flying around, but it is always pulled together and tidied up by the time you reach the last page and you still want to read more.

Posted: 01-22-2003 01:53 PM
by benner
Hi eliza,

I hope this doesn't sound trite, but the cloak of the illuminati is alight. I know William has his head screwed on right. Wish I could go pick up the book tonite!


Posted: 01-22-2003 01:55 PM
by revisedcode
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by benner:
Well fancy that! Straight from the horse's mouth!

Did my message find you through a wormhole or what?

Welcome William, and thank you for all the interesting food for thought you have provided us with.

I tried to order from your site 4 days ago but was unable to access it. Will try again soon...

Heh dont say that, I'm his web master and his web host hehe, any way has been updated for Next Wednesday's show on Coast to Coast.

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Posted: 01-22-2003 02:39 PM
by Philip Lipson
Just to let you know, William Henry is going to be at the Third NW UFO/Paranormal Conference
at The Radisson Seatac Hotel,Seattle,WA Memorial Day Weekend along with Jim Marrs ,Travis Walton, Linda Moulton Howe ,Loren Coleman, Nick redfern and many more. For complete information check

Posted: 01-22-2003 02:41 PM
by Guest
Listen to his latest interview with Lou Gentile

click here

Posted: 01-22-2003 04:06 PM
by Devastated
Waaah! This entire thread belongs on the C2C Radio News forum.
Dev the cop

--Phaedra is my name

Posted: 01-22-2003 09:17 PM
by mjkstl
Cloak of the Illuminati simply blew me away. WH's interview with Whitley on Dreamland was a classic. My brain was spinning for a few days after reading it. I ordered the book so I could take it with me on my vacation to Vegas over Thanksgiving Week. The book arrived the day before I left. I just tossed it into my bag without going through it. A co-worker of mine had set me up on a blind date with an ex girlfriend of his who lives in Vegas. We met for drinks and during the conversation we somehow got on the topic of UFO's. She then proceeds to draw the UFO she saw when she was 8 or 9. Later that night after the date ended, I decided to turn in and start reading Cloak. On page 119, my blod ran cold. She had drawn the exact symbol on the page depicting Chinese character for Visit. I was thinking I had slipped into the Twilight Zone. What was a woman I just met through a friend doing drawing an exact duplicate of a picture of a book I had just bought to read? I finished the book and then spent a few hours wondering around the Luxor trying to see if anything was hidden in plain sight for all to see. There is one item that resembles a Meru Pillar in a really strange out of the way place. Next time I am in Vegas, I will see if I am allowed to take a picture and I will post it.

Posted: 01-22-2003 09:37 PM
by Guest
For LA-areans, William Henry and James Arthur will be giving a seminar on Feb 22, and I think both will be speaking as well at the Conscious Living Expo on the 15th.

Links on WH's site.

Posted: 01-22-2003 10:45 PM
by Linnea
Welcome, William Henry! Image

Yes, Nightvoice - nice to see William Henry posting with the pirates of the Fantastic Forum.

Agreed, Dev - that William Henry topic does not belong in the Art Bell thread. lol !

And a hearty welcome to Philip Lipson and Nice to see you back. Anyone in the Seattle area this Memorial Day weekend, be sure to contact the Seattle Chat Club and reserve your space in the 3rd Annual NorthWest UFO/Paranormal conference! The NW Annual UFO/Paranormal Conference sponsored by the Seattle Chat Club is gaining a national reputation as a fantastic annual event!

The Fantastic Forum will also be hosting a get together with William Henry during the conference - and you will be able to reserve an appointment for an Egyptian Tarot reading with William. Sound exciting! Yes! We will be posting information on how to reserve your appointment on this forum topic.

The Radisson Hotel is a beautiful setting for a weekend conference, and the weather is usually great in May - in the Emerald City! Lot's of things to see...(I may even take you on a tour to see the Fremont Bridge Troll Image ) Spike Mike may be joining us as well. {{we may even be able to coax Elk to come down out of the mountains to join the party}} Image

hmmmmmmmm - wonder what Art and Ramona are doing Memorial Day Weekend. We have a place for you guys to park that Bounder!!! RSVP!!

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Posted: 01-24-2003 09:44 AM
by eliza_nightvoice
That sound real tempting. A weekend in Seatle and then a long liesurely drive up the coast to Bellingham/Ferndale and a time to go to Diablo following that beautiful turquoise river. Maybe even stopping for a piece of fresh strawberry pie. hmm....

Posted: 01-26-2003 12:28 AM
by eliza_nightvoice
On the Jan 23rd Dreamland, Whitley's guest's geological researches dovetailed into what William has been writing about. Same sort of conclusions from another door, even to the preence of a once common langauge and very ancient cultures in the Midwest.

Posted: 01-26-2003 08:50 PM
by Linnea
I will be venturing into C2C on Wednesday night January 29th for the interview with William Henry. GN mostly stays out of Wiliam Henry's way - obviously listening - and asked some very good questions. I think maybe GN 'gets' William Henry. I gave their last get together a 9+ Looking for another good interview on Wednesday.

AS GN is new to the genre, I think he yet needs more time to get with the better guests, and figure out what's really going on. That, more than a religious slant - I think is contributing to his current list of 'religion topics'. The Prog Director is probably scheduling these guests in, because the Prog Dir doesn't 'get it'.

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