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Posted: 01-21-2007 04:40 AM
by daboodaddy
Barbie and ALL: you perhaps would liketo read "Mars" and "Return to Mars" by Ben Bova. Sci-Fi, but very accurateas far as space travel, etc goes. Good literature!

Posted: 01-21-2007 04:42 AM
by Barbie
Hey, everyone - gonna go listen off-line now.

See you all tomorrow!

Posted: 01-21-2007 04:46 AM
by daboodaddy
Kaballah is a map of Human Consciousness, according to Jung.

Posted: 01-21-2007 04:47 AM
by daboodaddy
Sweet Lucid dreams, Barbie! Good Night!:)

Posted: 01-21-2007 04:49 AM
by daboodaddy
The bed and blankey looks tempting to me as well! Good Night, all!

Peace, happiness and good stuff!


Re: ORR>>20 Jan 07<< Art Bell w/ Charles Seife

Posted: 01-20-2019 07:55 PM
by Riddick
Shirleypal wrote:
01-20-2007 07:19 PM
Art interviews Charles Seife

Author and associate Professor at NYU, Charles Seife, will discuss parallel universes, black holes, quantum mechanics and how the concepts of information are in and of themselves, physically shaping the Universe.

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