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ORR>>11-12 Feb 07<< Art Bell w/George Knapp-Colm

Posted: 02-11-2007 10:04 PM
by Shirleypal
Sunday Feb 11/12 07 With Art Bell from The Kingdom of Nye in The High Desert.

Acclaimed investigative journalist George Knapp will discuss his book with Colm Kelleher, Hunt for the Skinwalker, the true story of what really happened at Skinwalker Ranch as well as stories from his years on the beat in Las Vegas, Nevada

Hunt For The Skinwalker



Posted: 02-11-2007 10:11 PM
by Biker
This should be a fun one!


Posted: 02-11-2007 10:27 PM
by Shirleypal
Hey Biker, I agree, George Knapp and Colm Kelleher with Art Bell, doesn't get any better than that. What I am looking forward to is Art's interview with Bob Bigalow in mid March. NIDS has been closed down and I would like to know why.

Check out this website, Bob Bigalow's The Ranch and Hunt for the Skinwalker.

Posted: 02-12-2007 12:50 AM
by Shirleypal
Welcome to the Original Radio Room with Art Bell Weekend, going to be a great show tonight.


Airyn on her first ride.

Here are the call in numbers:

Western US: 1-800-618-8255 (toll free)
Eastern US: 1-800-825-5033 (toll free)
First time caller: 1-818-501-4721
Wild Card line: 1-818-501-4109 (anyone can call)

International Instructions
Toll Free: (Sprint Direct Access Number)
1-800-893-0903, Press Option 5

Link to free streaming.

Posted: 02-12-2007 01:00 AM
by Shirleypal

Posted: 02-12-2007 01:06 AM
by Shirleypal
Here is Art from the High Desert and the great American Southwest.

Posted: 02-12-2007 01:09 AM
by Shirleypal
You cannot download the Classic shows, you have to bring it up in a player and record it to Total Recorder or whatever recorder you may have.

Posted: 02-12-2007 01:11 AM
by Shirleypal
Hello : miQmott, LuckyStrike and all Pirates to come this evening/morning plus the lurkers, come on in and say hello.

Posted: 02-12-2007 01:13 AM
by LuckyStrike
Hello!!!! My first visit to this room. Probably can't stay too long. bed time.

is he on now? I just hear static.

Posted: 02-12-2007 01:15 AM
by Shirleypal
Welcome LuckyStrike, yes he is on, click on the link a couple of post up and click on one the radio stations that are streaming.

Posted: 02-12-2007 01:16 AM
by Patty
Hello everyone......just wanted to check in......I am gonna listen from my pillow tonight. Gotta work early. The Skinwalker I know what you were talking about last night Shirl. :) I didn't even notice what was going to be on tonight. Sounds like it will be a good , fun show. Enjoy! :cool:

Posted: 02-12-2007 01:16 AM
by miQmott
im sure tonight will be polar opposite to that show last night.


Posted: 02-12-2007 01:17 AM
by LuckyStrike
That worked. Thanks!

Posted: 02-12-2007 01:18 AM
by Shirleypal
Hi Patty and miQmott, yes last nights show was well I think I said it all last night. Hey Patty I have to be up early also tomorrow so I won't be here much longer either.
Oh yeah, once in a while I know what I am talking about.

Posted: 02-12-2007 01:19 AM
by Shirleypal
LuckyStrike wrote: That worked. Thanks!

Great, bookmark that site, it belongs to our very own Conscious here on the forum, you will find some of his threads in the Art Bell Deck.