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Was at Mass this afternoon, and the deacon was giving the homily, and he started talking about a woman, Joanne Simpson, was struggling while in college with a pregnancy, and that, rather than have an abortion, she delivered the child, gave him up for adoption, and we all now now the rest of the story, since this boy was Steve Jobs and he was probably the greatest inventor of the Baby Boom generation.

Which lead to the inevitable - "What if.......", question. Since most people nowadays use computers, iPads Iphones,etc... which were attributable to him.

What if......

A partial list of famous individuals who were adopted........

Edward Albee
Dame Peggy Ashcroft
John J. Audubon
Anita Baker
Jeff Bates
Jamie Baulch
Michael Bay
Layne Beachley
Ingrid Bergman (guardianship)
James Best
Jeff Bezos
Surya Bonaly
Les Brown
Richard Burton
Sen. Robert Byrd
John Callahan
Peter and Kitty Carruthers
George Washington Carver
Kristin Chenoweth
Charlotte Church
Bill Clinton
Lynnette Cole
Christina Crawford
Daunte Culpepper
Faith Daniels
Bobby Darin
Tommy Davidson
Eric Dickerson
Rebecca de Mornay
Adrian Dodson
(Queen) Esther (Biblical; Old Testament)
Jamie Foxx
Gerald Ford
Jonathan Gilbert
Melissa Gilbert
Newt Gingrich
Tim Green
Roger Grimsby
Scott Hamilton
John Hancock
Ashia Hansen
Debbie Harry (Blondie)
Faith Hill
Jesse Jackson
Brent Jasmer
Steve Jobs
Jim Jones, Jr.
Eartha Kitt
Matthew Laborteaux
Patrick Labyorteaux
John Lennon
Betty Jean Lifton
Art Linkletter
Ray Liotta
Charlotte Anne Lopez
Greg Louganis
James MacArthur
Lee Majors
Nelson Mandela
Tim McGraw
Sarah McLachlan
James Michener
Tom Monaghan
Demi Moore
Sean Moran
Marilyn Munroe
Dan O'Brien
Hugh O'Connor
Jim Palmer
Liz Phair
Dana Plato
Edgar Allan Poe
Katherine DeMille Quinn
Michael Reagan
Nancy Reagan
George "Superman" Reeves
Wilson Riles
Harold Robbins
Eleanor Roosevelt
Renee Rosnes
Jean Jacques Rousseau
Babe Ruth
Sarah Saffian
Buffy Sainte-Marie
Marcus Samuelsson
Eric Schweig
George Scott
Sen. Paull Shin
Peter Shulman
Robyn Smith
Dame Kiri TeKanawa
Dave Thomas
Shania Twain
Mo Vaughn
Fatima Whitbread
Anthony Williams
Jett Williams

As famous adoptee John Lennon wrote "Imagine........". Imagine if only a portion of those millions of innocents had not been aborted, but adopted.

On an equally ironic matter, Planned Parenthood-sponsored clinics in Texas, now have to adhere to the same health standards as any other health facility in Texas.

The abortion industry says that these costs are "too punitive" and they will be forced to close many clinics.

Ironically, Planned Parenthood - which is taxpayer supported, btw, exists - so we're told, in order to make abortions "safe".

So, what's the problem?????

Someone's making an awful lot of money.........
What the hell are we fighting for? Ah, just surrender and it won't hurt at all. You just got time to say your prayers. Yeah, while you're waiting for the hammer to fall. (Brian May of Queen)

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