Broken wings

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Broken wings

Post by Dude111 » 12-05-2015 01:46 AM

Quite a good read!!! ... try85.html
One of the biggest problems we face is dealing with ourselves. Very often, we create mental ruts of perception, emotional mires of goop, and physical stasis which keep us down and keep us from perceiving right action and right path, as it can be for ourselves. One of the main reasons it’s so easy for others to manipulate us and control our directions and behaviors is because we ourselves create patterns in our lives—and quite frequently destructive patterns—and these patterns then become identifiable and therefore are subject to manipulation.

One of the first steps in breaking these patterns and gaining some semblance of freedom is to understand how we are controlled by them and how they influence us as souls. When events and experiences come to us that cause us pain and resentment, we create thought forms and energy pools that exist in our bodies and also, tend to float about where we work and live. These energy forms then become living, breathing soundtracks of negativity that stick like glue to our surroundings. It’s a common fact that wherever we go, we give a part of ourselves away—whatever we may be radiating, positive or negative. As well, those places in our life where we spend most of our time, we tend to saturate with our energies, ideas, thoughts, feelings, and such like. [more]
Interesting what he says about Spirits.

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