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Howdy from San Antonio

Posted: 02-04-2006 04:35 PM
by pyrite
Hi Ya'll....been a long time since I have been able to check in and say hello....i have missed you all ! I have been listening to Coast every night....thinking of the pirates here, and I hope everyone is that I no longer work graveyard, I can access the internet....but its not when coast is on...ugh....well I just wanted to say Hi...and I miss you all......Py:rolleyes:

Posted: 02-04-2006 05:17 PM
by tiffany
Hi py glad you dropped by...hope to see you more...

Posted: 02-06-2006 09:12 PM
by deeremom
You're so lucky to be in "God's Country" ;)

San Antonio is such a beautiful city .... if we could just get some rain!