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Posted: 01-23-2017 05:28 AM
by kbot
Screw politics :mrgreen:

Sorry Riddick.......

EVERYONE involved in this sorry episode from the Colts, to the Ravens have dropped spectacularly. Other quarterbacks have said they they have done what Goodell made into such a major non-issue.

Will be so nice to see Goodell grovel on national TV....... Of course, there's Atlanta and that Boston College quarterback to deal with first.

Goodell can't duck Brady and Patriots any longer

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — No more ducking, Roger Goodell.

For two years, the NFL commissioner has been conspicuous in his absence from any game involving Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. But no more. Since Goodell won’t come to New England, Brady and the Patriots will take the game to him.

Ever been to one of those uncomfortable parties where the host has invited someone while praying he or she won’t show up, and then the person does? Yeah. Super Bowl LI is going to be just like that, only way more awkward because the entire world will be watching.

“For a number of reasons, all of you in the stadium understand how big this win was,” Patriots owner Robert Kraft said, making not the slightest effort to be subtle and drawing an enthusiastic roar in response.

“But we have to go to Houston and win one (more).”

Brady refused to get drawn into the fray, saying his teammates were his only motivation and claiming not even to have heard the fans taunt Goodell with chants of, “Where is Roger?”

But this entire season, or what he’s played of it, has doubled as Brady's revenge tour, designed to force a showdown with Goodell in Houston.

Even for a four-time Super Bowl champion and two-time NFL MVP, Brady is playing at a ridiculously high level. He threw two interceptions during the entire regular season, the fewest of his career, while completing 67% of his passes. In Sunday's 36-17 rout of the Pittsburgh Steelers, he shredded what had been one of the toughest defenses down the stretch for 384 yards, a Patriots postseason record. Brady finished 32 of 42, with three touchdowns, as he became the first player to reach seven Super Bowls.

Now all that’s left is for him to flash that Cheshire Cat grin as he accepts the MVP trophy from Goodell two weeks from now.

And if you’ve followed the Deflategate saga at all, you just know that’s coming.

“Tom did what Tom does,” tight end Martellus Bennett said. “He’s fired up and laser-focused.”

For those trapped on a remote island for the last two years, a recap: The Indianapolis Colts accused the Patriots of using deflated footballs in the 2014 AFC Championship Game. Based on fuzzy science and some shadiness by Brady and two New England equipment guys, the NFL decided that the Patriots were, in fact, cheating. New England was docked a first-round draft pick and fined $1 million — the largest fine in NFL history, mind you. Kraft opted not to fight the punishment imposed in May 2015, hoping Goodell would show some leniency toward Brady.

Fat. Chance.

Goodell takes the protection of his beloved “shield” personally, and anyone he feels is playing fast and loose with the rules is going to feel his wrath. Even if that person is a future Hall of Fame quarterback and current NFL poster boy.

Goodell suspended Brady four games — a harsher sentence than some domestic abusers have gotten. The punishment was delayed while it went through the court system, but Brady finally served it at the start of the season.

For two years now, Kraft and New England fans have seethed at the injustice of it all, believing Brady and the Patriots were targeted as payback for all of their success. (Four Super Bowl titles — and counting — since 2001 for those keeping track.) All that vitriol once reserved for the New York Yankees was turned on Goodell.

And don’t think the commish doesn’t know it.

Once a close friend of Kraft’s — Goodell was a guest at the owner’s pre-AFC Championship Game party two years ago — he’s been avoiding the Patriots as if they have a highly communicable disease. He skipped the season opener here in 2015, an unheard-of slight for the NFL’s kickoff party.

After being in Atlanta for last week’s divisional round, fairness would have dictated that he come to New England for the AFC title game. So, too, the prospect of a better game, honestly.

But to the surprise of no one, Goodell decided it was better that he again go to Atlanta, where he could roam the sideline without worry.

“He’s like Waldo right now,” Bennett said. “He didn’t want to come here.”

But there will be no hiding in Houston. Goodell is going to have to face Brady, on the biggest stage the NFL has.

“The boys showed up and played today,” Brady said. “We’ve got to do that again in two weeks.”

Where is Roger? Heading to Houston for the Super Bowl, same as Brady. ... artandhp


Posted: 01-23-2017 05:35 PM
by Riddick
A Patriots fan by any means, I'm not, yet that said, I hope they beat the Falcons so bad they wish they had never been born

Super Bowl LI: Hillary Clinton Plots Revenge

Posted: 01-30-2017 01:55 AM
by Riddick
Thirty-one million TV viewers tuned in for Trump’s inauguration according to Nielsen—sizable to be sure—but over 79 million fewer than will tune into Super Bowl LI to watch the New England Patriots battle the Atlanta Falcons.

We’re not paying attention to politics because, like the Romans, we’re prioritizing sports above all. And that’s the way Hillary likes it.

She’s no sports fan (after all, she recently said she hoped the Chicago Cubs would win the “Super Bowl” when they were up to win baseball’s World Series). But Hillary Clinton is a fan of using sports—as did the ancient Romans—to prey on the good intentions of an uninformed public.

First Lady Hillary Clinton chose January 26 of 1992—Super Bowl Sunday—to go on CBS’ 60 Minutes following the game to make her most notorious public remarks, sitting on a couch alongside her philandering husband, then-President Bill Clinton.

“I’m not sitting here, some little woman standing by my man… I’m sitting here because I love him, and I respect him, and I honor what he’s been through…” Clinton gushed.

Bad Boy Billy had been through quite a lot indeed—after court evidence showed he sexually assaulted innocent women, most notably a White House intern young enough to be his daughter. And being a supportive wife—who happened to have her own political ambitions—Hillary had Bill’s back.

Fast-forward to 2017. TIME reports that Hillary wasted no time “in [placing] a phone call after the election” to tell the notorious henchman of George Soros—David Brock—that she would advise him to “sign up some top-notch litigators who would do pro bono work against Trump.” Specifically, Brock tells Time: “She spoke about trying to construct a suit that would get you discovery on potential or alleged contacts between the Trump organization and the Russian government.”

She didn’t mean it when she said we should give Trump “an open mind and a chance to lead” in her concession speech.

Yes, we just elected a populist to the White House. And President Trump has used his first days in office to keep his promises of slashing regulations and stopping federal bloat. But you and I are both guilty of—or, at the very least, vulnerable to—Clinton’s plan to slow Trump’s strides. And there’s no better time for us to wake up than on the day when she most hopes to lull us to sleep: Super Bowl Sunday.

We can’t let America fall for the same reason Rome fell: bread and circuses. So beware: Hillary Clinton loves that you love football—and the fact that Super Bowl LI is on pace to be 2017’s biggest live TV event fits perfectly into her plans. Enjoy the game - but resist the temptation to be swept away by the sensational entertainment to such an extent that you become vulnerable to Hillary’s plot to pummel President Trump.



Posted: 01-30-2017 05:07 AM
by kbot
Should be an interesting background story developing - thanks Riddick!!

Audi’s Super Bowl Ad Sure Looks Like They Were Betting On Hillary

Posted: 02-04-2017 03:56 AM
by Riddick

A car ad about gender equality? By a female director?

This year’s Super Bowl advertisers may have planned for a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Audi’s 60-second Super Bowl commercial is pitched to dads but has a message about equal pay. The ad sees a father watching his daughter win a go-cart race and then walks her to his new Audi 5S sports car.

The commercial, called “Daughter” from ad agency Venables Bell & Partners, ends with a billboard that reads: “Progress is for Everyone.”

The spot is the first Super Bowl ad to tout that it is directed by a female director, Aoife McArdle. It will air on Sunday, Feb. 5 during the third quarter of the big game.


FLASHBACK: Hillary's Super Bowl XLVIII Twitter Shot At FOX News

Posted: 02-04-2017 04:07 AM
by Riddick
If you rolled your eyes out of your head when Bill O’Reilly interviewed President Obama before the game, you weren’t alone. Hillary Clinton feels your pain. Hilldawg threw up this tweet a little bit ago about her feelings watching the Super Bowl on Fox. Even more painful is watching the actual Super Bowl. Send in Law and Order: SVU, for God’s sake.

Image ... tweet-fox/

And NOW, A Word From Capt. Jean-Luc "NEWT GINGRICH" Picard

Posted: 02-04-2017 05:13 AM
by Riddick

What Time Is the Super Bowl… ON THE MOON?

Posted: 02-04-2017 02:54 PM
by Riddick
We all know what time the Super Bowl starts, whether it’s in New York City or in other, less important places, but there’s one question nobody has asked: what time does the Super Bowl start… on the moon? The answer will shock and surprise you! And also confuse you! FULL STORY

The Speaker Of The House On SB LI

Posted: 02-05-2017 01:22 AM
by Riddick

Aliens, UFOs & The Super Bowl: From Commercials To The Halftime Show

Posted: 02-05-2017 02:01 AM
by Riddick
The New England Patriots square off against the Atlanta Falcon's in Sunday's Super Bowl LI. But the bigger buzz this week may have been rumors that halftime show performer Lady Gaga will do more than sing and dance, but preach some sort of "message" for the est. 114+ million viewers.

The real question is this: will Gaga's widely-viewed performance (which will apparently feature a fleet of drones, by the way) lead to the online masses accusing her of being an alien... member of the evil Illuminati... or both??? That seems to be the destiny lately for any star taking the stage during the Big Game.

Whether or not you have a hat in the game (odds are that SOMEONE reading this is highly invested in a fantasy football league right now!), or love the celebrity gossip, one thing we all seem to look forward to are the awesome Super Bowl commercials and halftime shows. And chances are, you'll see an alien, a UFO, and some creepy, stereotypical Illuminati symbolism if you tune in.

Last year, Beyonce was accused of flashing satanic symbolism during her halftime show. The year before that, Katy Perry performed an alien-themed show, and was also accused of promoting Illuminati images.

The same year (and in fact, right before the game), the sponsor of the show, Pepsi, actually staged a mass UFO sighting - similar to the real 1997 Phoenix Lights event - as part of a "guerilla" advertising campaign. This is without even mentioning the guaranteed slot of alien-themed Super Bowl commercials.

What do UFOs, aliens, and the Illuminati have to do with the Super Bowl? Maybe nothing. This may all be fantasy and coincidence.

However, there's also the case of the 2013 Super Bowl game in New Orleans. That was the year the stadium lights famously went out, and the blackout is still a mystery. But maybe we have a clue yet.... did you know that, according to the footage below, a UFO shows up right before the lights go out?

It seems that the Super Bowl and UFOs go hand in hand. Will you see a UFO during tonight's Big Game? If not on TV, maybe you'll see it in the sky during your Super Bowl party! Make sure to report it if you do.


That's Justice For You, Atlanta

Posted: 02-06-2017 12:50 AM
by Riddick
Would you believe I'm ecstatic over how the game played out?

Seeing the Falcons suffer the AGONY OF DEFEAT was 2 SWEET!


Posted: 02-06-2017 01:31 AM
by Doka
Me, who has never figured out the "fine points of the game", had it on to check out the ads. I was disappointed that the Patriots where no doing very well at all!
Then Wham! It was like a Mystical Experience! I do hope it is a good omen ! Sure not impressed by any of the ads, whats with Turkish Airlines obsession?? :rolleyes:


Posted: 02-06-2017 05:06 AM
by kbot
Riddick - you're welcome :mrgreen:

Doka, just goes to show that a team needs to be prepared and conditioned to play an entire game - the Falcons celebrated the first half and didn't score at all in the 4th quarter.

The revenge tour is complete........ Brady got the MVP (again....) and the Pats completed the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. More records falling.

So good to see Roger have to choke on it and hand the trophy over. Was also nice to hear Terry Bradshaw say before the game that te whole Deflategate thing was essentially a huge wad of crap (since ALL TEAMS have done the exact same thing...........).

Yes, revenge IS sweet....... Especially nice as Brady dedicated the game to his Mom.


Posted: 02-06-2017 07:53 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Doka wrote:Me, who has never figured out the "fine points of the game", had it on to check out the ads. I was disappointed that the Patriots where no doing very well at all!
Then Wham! It was like a Mystical Experience! I do hope it is a good omen ! Sure not impressed by any of the ads, whats with Turkish Airlines obsession?? :rolleyes:
NE 34 vs ATL 28 :o

It was Mystical without the hint of a deflated football. But Atlanta, the city, must have lost some air Doka! :oops:

I'm with you on the good omen. It was like the Super Bowl game of the century this early in #21 :!:


Thanks a lot for all the Super Bowl half time videos! Shows I'll be watching all week after the Smart Shift'in Freightliner Cascadia does it's work. :wink:

Lady GaGa WAS off the roof flying on two cables and once she landed she did not use the stage to do you know what to America and the world! Her halftime show was a wild performance from another multi millionaress!



Posted: 02-06-2017 08:35 AM
by Riddick
kbot wrote:Riddick - you're welcome :mrgreen:
Well that's swell! Better to be welcomed than tolerated knowhutImean? :D