MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT Concerning Classic Art Bell & C2CAM

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MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT Concerning Classic Art Bell & C2CAM

Post by Riddick » 03-07-2019 04:52 PM

Hey Now FFolks, There's a change coming up this weekend that'll shake things up & it's not just daylight saving time.

Members of the forum who've followed and enjoyed the ORR classic Art Bell show "Blue Light Specials" will find this exciting. Non-members who care to join in the excitement can sign up as they wish or desire -

But WAIT! There's MORE - Besides Art Bell classics? There'll be added excitement for George Noory fans. However you like old-timey C2C, it'll get your motor running, PROVIDED you're a registered FF pirate

It's just days away now when The ULTIMATE in Blue Light Specials will be unveiled - so don't forget to "spring forward" an hour for DST AND check the "For Your Eyes Only" area for the big reveal this Sunday!

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