11 March 2011: Trish MacGregor

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11 March 2011: Trish MacGregor

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The Secrets of Synchronicity

Trish MacGregor knows the secrets of synchronicity and what they mean. A synchronicity is a coming together of inner and outer events in a way that is meaningful to the observer but can't be explained by cause and effect.

Synchronicities can be simple, or incredibly complex and layered. But what do they mean? There's a first step: learning to recongize the many synchornicities. Then a second: understanding the why of it all. Don't miss this enlightening interview.

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Trish MacGregor on Life's Hidden Plan

Anne Strieber begins this discussion with commentary on a remarkable film she has just seen called "The Adjustment Bureau" and asks the question: Does synchronicity mean that our lives are designed, and if so, by whom? After Anne's stroke in 2004, she woke up from a coma into a life that was so filled with synchronicities that she began to feel as if it was like a jigsaw, and her role was to wait for the next piece to be put in place. Does this mean that our lives are pre-planned? At the end of the interview, Trish reveals one of the most extraordinary personal UFO experiences you will ever hear.
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