23 April 2011: Col. John Alexander

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23 April 2011: Col. John Alexander

Post by Swerdloc » 04-21-2011 04:16 PM

Col. John Alexander and Whitley Strieber: Every Secret Thing

Dr. John Alexander believes that UFOs are real, physical objects, but then he departs from the conventional wisdom that they must therefore be alien space craft and asks some much larger questions. Why, over the entire modern history of the phenomenon, have we made so little progress in understanding them? If there is a government cover-up, where is it? If there could be official disclosure, what might it actually consist of?

In this hard-hitting interview Whitley Strieber and John Alexander, who have known each other for over 20 years, agree to disagree about such things as the Roswell Incident, but they both ask the question: why isn't this amazing phenomenon studied, and how might we go about changing the atmosphere of ridicule that now exists in the scientific community and the media to one that is open to the mystery of this very real phenomenon?

Dr. Alexander's website is johnbalexander.com

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Jim Marrs and John Alexander

John Alexander and Jim Marrs have one of the most enlightening conversations about UFO secrecy that has ever been recorded. These two highly knowledgeable experts elevate the whole debate to a new level. Why does UFO secrecy exist—if it does? How does the classification system work, and does it hide important secrets about UFOs and aliens, and if so, can those secrets ever be released? And why does the scientific community universally deny the existence of UFOs and aliens?

The first thing that John Alexander would do if he had the power would be to order the end of UFO secrecy. But would that help? His thoughts are fascinating.
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Post by Shirleypal » 04-21-2011 08:34 PM

Curious as to what happened to John Alexander, he sounds like a debunker to me, Jim and John certainly have no common ground.

John says there is no cover up and the U.S. Government has no policy on UFO's......what world is he living in.

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