30 April 2011: Freddy Silva

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30 April 2011: Freddy Silva

Post by Swerdloc » 04-27-2011 03:27 PM

Secrets in the Fields

Freddy Silva has been researching crop formations for over thirty years, and has deep understanding of them. Earlier on Dreamland we had Andrew Collins, who feels that the formations are manmade, but not necessarily hoaxes, as he thinks that some of them are made by unknown means by people with special powers. Michael Glickman was with us two weeks ago, and he feels that virtually all of the formations are anomalous in origin.

Now Freddy Silva takes the broadest view, explaining how to tell the difference between hoaxes and genuine formations and discusses the fact that the formations appearing in England may be a sort of transmission that could be coming to an end. But crop circles have also become big business, so are very human artists replacing the strangers in the field, replacing this remarkable transmission with something that only looks real?

Freddy goes deep into the past to discuss what's happening. For example, there is a fascinating discussion of why there have been periods of temple building in human history, cycles that are almost entirely unknown. This is an unusual and fascinating conversation, filled with wisdom and insight.

Freddy Silva's website is CropCircleSecrets.

For Unknowncountry.com Subscribers

Whitley Strieber on Crop Formations

Last year at the 'Summer Lectures' series in Devizes, Whitley Strieber delivered a stunning presentation, full of phenomenal ideas and bristling with energy. However, we were unable to obtain a copy of it, but now, to conclude Dreamland and Unknowncountry's crop circle series, he has agreed to deliver it again just for us. So sit back and listen to ideas that will make your mind soar.
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Post by Shirleypal » 04-30-2011 11:05 PM

'Summer Lectures' series in Devizes wasn't put up in the subscribers sections, instead this is what is there.

Whitley Strieber on the Outbreak of Storms

As Whitley Strieber has been predicting for months, an extremely violent spring has followed the extremely cold winter of 2010-2011. But why and, above all, what can we expect in the future? Beginning with his book Nature's End in 1985, Whitley has never been wrong about our changing climate. Now that things are reaching a crisis point, he can offer clear-headed ideas about what is happening and what to expect, and is essentially unique in the world in his ability to do this. Here, he provides subscribers with a clear idea of the mechanisms that have been triggered in nature, and what this will mean for us over the next two or three years.

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