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Re: Art Bell: Somewhere In Time Saturday Replays

Post by Doka » 12-02-2018 04:32 PM

But how could Dr. Doom reveal something about nothing?

I Wouldn't exactly call the subject "nothing" there are a lot of weak souls out there, that are totally naive and trusting, or just ready for a "devilish nudge" from their man-gods, that certainly Do Not have the peoples best interests as their priorty. A good dose of cynicism, is not a bad thing. Without Questioning, there is No Deciding. Going over to the "Dark Side" can be an easy path, it's the getting Out, that's a Bi#ch. So Devils and Evil live on this planet in abundence. Our job is to pick our way through the "Mine Fields" doing so with the least amount of "Harm" to ourselves and others.
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Re: Art Bell: Somewhere In Time Saturday Replays

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 12-02-2018 06:03 PM

Duly noted D, but living on the planet yes but living under it, inside it and swimming in lava nope. Being as evil as a Satan always will be a curse to all innocent, unsuspecting person's dealing with he perpetual ideologies of any al Qada, ISIS, or the Hitler/Stalin wannabes.

Remember to blame Et for our major differences that beget the satans living among us.

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SIT Saturday December 8, 2018

Post by Riddick » 12-08-2018 07:15 PM


Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returns to May 23, 2002 when Art was joined by paranormal researcher Donna Good Higbee, who discussed her research in Spontaneous Human Involuntary Invisibility, a strange syndrome where people suddenly find themselves invisible in the real world.

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