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Book about Time Travel

Posted: 01-04-2003 07:45 PM
by Guest
Well, since I cannot find the "Search" function that is supposedly at the top of "some pages" I can't find whether there's a thread about this already, so...

Did you all hear on Art's last show where he said that *if* he were to write a book, the next one would probably be about time travel?

Wonder if it would be a novel or what? It'd be nice to see a book that explores the state of and future possibilties of the art (of time travel, that is).

Time travel's not so hard once you get the hang of it.

Posted: 01-04-2003 08:03 PM
by Conscious
Yes, Art enjoys things about Time Travel - no doubt about it. Listen to his interview with Jane Seymour... Join the campaign. It's easy. Image

Posted: 01-04-2003 10:29 PM
by racehorse
Some of Art's best shows were about time travel. Dr. Michio Kaku's interviews with Art are classics. I will also never forget Mike "Madman" Marcum or Steve Gibbs. Gibbs sent Art one of his time machines but Art always said he was afraid to use it. Oh well...

Posted: 01-04-2003 11:12 PM
by Conspiracy Theorist
Yes, Art likes time travel, but what could he possibly write about it, other than to gather information from a variety of sources. There wouldn't be much original material.

On the other hand, saying he wanted to "write a book about time travel" might possibly be viewed as another clue. For example, he might be talking about wanting to turn back the clock, take his show back to the way it was in the early to mid-nineties, when he worked for an independent network.

To rebuild the old TRN/Chancellor network would be a form of time travel, right?

Rick Jackson

Posted: 01-05-2003 12:00 AM
by Guest
Hehehe... I was just watching "A Beautiful Mind" and boy don't we all act like John Nash, tearing through the newspapers and magazines looking for the cryptic clues. But hey, he ended up with a Nobel, so let's keep at it.

I really think his time travel book reference was nothing more than an expression of his lifelong fascination with the subject. I hope he does write the book someday too.