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Post by Shirleypal » 04-25-2011 10:04 AM

Art's show with Ed Dames and Richard Tamas from 02-04-06

Bigfoot & Nukes
In the first hour, remote viewing teacher Major Ed Dames discussed the revolutionary discovery his RV team made about the enigma we call 'Bigfoot.' Whenever a trained remote viewer focuses on Bigfoot, he explained, they see a "rectilinear device" out in space. This device belongs to a group of intelligent beings called 'The Controllers,' Dames said, who use it to teleport (or project) Bigfoot to Earth. Dames is planning to contact The Controllers (possibly in June 2006) and hopes they will intervene in human affairs to save us from destroying ourselves.

Richard Tarnas, author of Cosmos and Psyche and The Passion of the Western Mind, for a discussion on consciousness, the history of modern thought, and the validity of astrology and its role in world affairs.

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Post by Shirleypal » 05-02-2011 10:20 AM

Art's interview with Philip Gardiner from 09-17-06

In a 90-minute conversation author Philip Gardiner shared his research into secret societies, both modern and ancient, and how history, mythology, and symbolism intertwine with religious thought. "History is the biggest lie on the planet," he said, arguing that propaganda often informs the way events are recorded. Among the secret societies he has investigated include the Holy Vehm, known in the past for conducting "judgments" i.e. killing people out in the woods. They exist today as a kind of Neo Nazi group, he said.

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Art Bell
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From Art Bell

Post by Art Bell » 05-03-2011 05:16 AM

I sure hope the ship stays on the high seas. I also would like to mention the Arthur w Bell lll site is bogus on FB and I have put a message on it stating such. What do idiot's like that get out of it?


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Post by Shirleypal » 05-03-2011 09:08 AM

Hi Art, I hope the ship goes on also, cannot imagine it not being here.

Time will tell.

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Post by ExRayz » 08-30-2011 03:55 PM

Cynthia Lynn wrote: Email the producers. I just did.

My husband is close to dropping Streamlink (he's really fed up with George), but I've asked him in the past to keep it for the "Art Bell Classic Shows" if for no other reason.

I got so fed up with George that I cancelled my streamlink and I've just stopped listening altogether. The last time George was ranting/complaining about President Obama's decision to run for re-election just really turned me off. I realize George is right wing but it's really sad how he ruins the C2C legacy with his political rants. I sent him an email and suggested he go work for Fox News or run for president (LOL)! Now that I have Google TV I might re-subscribe just for the Art Bell back in time programs. I wonder how many listeners would C2C lose if it was not for Art Bell back in times...

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Post by cherry » 09-30-2011 12:39 PM

Our local station plays two hours of the previous C2C from 10 p.m. till midnight. Now they play Clark Howard since the economy went south.

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Post by voguy » 09-30-2011 06:33 PM

I have to say; listening to Somewhere in Time shows, as well as a selection of Coast shows while driving the 366 miles to the jobsite has been wonderful.

The first day I made the drive was awful. The only thing on radio was preachers, infomercials, and angry voices expounding their opinions. (Opinions are like butt holes. Everyone has one, and they all stink).

Anyway, I burned some shows to CDs and have been playing them in the truck while driving. It's make the drive a lot easier.
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