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Post by LeslieV » 07-30-2013 04:53 PM

Thanks, just information overload today. I need to dig around and see what I can do on a limited budget.

The half-price for internet only sounds like I may be able to do that so I need to explore that.

I think that is the one where you have to wiggle the mouse every so often to show you are still there listening or it shuts off. Would make it hard to record to listen later.

Now if there is a saved stream in that price range that is pretty close to what I use to pay to listen to C2C years ago and I think that can fit in the budget but I don't see where it is stored.

Maybe as time moves along there will be more avenues open up since we are less than a day into many of us trying to figure out how to do this.

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Post by JimWest » 07-30-2013 05:00 PM

The cheapest internet-only option for Sirius/XM I can find at the USA Sirius website is $14.49 a month (plus fees/taxes)
There is an alacarte subscription for as little as $7.99 a month, but that says it doesn't provide internet streaming, so that option would require purchasing a Sirius radio and accessories for use as a standalone or vehicle radio with outside antenna.
They also have an everything package (radio, internet, all channels) for a special pay per year price of $199/year - thats about $16.50/month.
Internet option is an add on extra price to a regular subscription unless you get the special package or internet only subscription. Internet option also provides an 'on demand' feature for some shows where you can listen any time you like from archives from the past 30+ days - Art Bell's show is listed as one that will be in the on demand list.

I have read the Canadian Sirius/XM is a separate company with their own different packages and prices (cheaper than the USA ones)
Don't think Sirius/XM is available in other countries like the UK, so its not worldwide unfortunately like the internet?
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Post by Diogenes » 07-30-2013 07:09 PM

Fan wrote: a little birdie just told me I made a mistake - sirius is available in Canada, but you have to go to

See, I don't know everything.


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Post by Riddick » 03-12-2019 10:38 PM

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