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Partnering with Nature

Post by Linnea » 02-08-2011 11:44 PM

'Partnering with Nature' Wins Best Social Change Book 2010
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, February 3, 2011 --/WORLD-WIRE/-- Partnering with Nature: The Wild Path to Reconnecting with the Earth, a book with a powerful message that illuminates the fact that our connection to nature, animals, and the earth is a vital part of our existence, won the top prize for Social Change in the "BEST BOOKS 2010" competition.
In Partnering with Nature -, author Catriona MacGregor asserts that it is vital that we understand not only how important our role is in nature's sphere, but also how crucial nature's role is in our lives.

The book emphasizes that all people, adults and children alike are suffering from a lack of contact with nature, and that this not only leads to ill health, but in fact gives us a sense that something is missing in our lives.

The book goes on to cite a recent study which found that Americans spend less than one hour a week outside and concludes that this is leading to all kinds of physical, emotional and spiritual ailments, including:

-- Increased levels of stress
-- Obesity and sedentary lifestyle
-- ADHD and apathy (in children spending too much time on Nintendo, etc.)
-- Sleep disorders and fatigue
-- Lack of creativity, meaning and happiness

Instead of looking for the next prescription to solve our problems, Partnering with Nature advises us that the cure may be in our own backyards.

See. We're on the right track here in Garden and Galley. :)

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