Preventing Garden Weeds

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Preventing Garden Weeds

Post by Cherry Kelly » 05-15-2016 01:20 PM

We have topics on garden planting, now how about preventing weeds from growing up around and between rows in your gardens.
There are several brands available, some better and yes higher priced, weed and water type papers that will really help cut down on many weeds and make your gardening a lot easier to maintain.
It is recommended that you create small mounds for planting tomatoes and peppers. It will also help you keep your rows straighter. The recommendation is 3" or more higher than the land area will help as the roots go deeper and adding your weed/water paper is easier.
Check the recommended distance between plants and measure the distance where you will plant each. There are two methods for cutting your paper. One is to create a small "+" cut if you are planting seedlings. The second is to go ahead and plant then lay down your weed and feed paper folded in half. Measure the distance to each plant and cut from the end to the plant, laying the cuts on each side of the stem. Use bricks or longer logs down to hold the cut edges down. Then add brick or long logs to hold down the uncut edges.
Depending on the width of your weed and feed paper, you can put a second row and overlap the cut edges with the uncut ones for a second row. This allows you to use fewer bricks or logs to hold down your paper.
I put a full uncut Preen type paper between two sets of rows. This gives you a bit more room to walk between sets of two rows. Row 1 - Row 2 - plain paper - Row 3 - Row 4 - plain paper...etcetc.
At one time newspaper (black and white sheets) were used, but since the change in inks used, it is not recommended. The weed/water paper allows water to sink into the ground, and keeps weeds from growing abundantly. You will get a few small weeds that come up around the plants but can be easily and quickly removed. HAPPY GARDENING!

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