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Fantastic Forum Seti Team

Posted: 10-22-2003 01:43 AM
by Captain Fantastic
Haven't heard from the FF seti crunchers in a while!

Here's the stats:

1) megman 8569
2) Embustero 6609
3) Bill 5600
4) Tracker3 2779
5) robin preston 2584
6) BenSlain 1763
7) jaf 1629
8) suvata 1345
9) Carlos Guerrero Amieva 1235
10) Linn7 766
11) martyjg 718
12) Doug Bouck 532
13) Rapa 524 (ret)
14) sufi 313 (ret)
15) johnny appleseed 278
16) Revisedcode 253
17) darkman 164
18) daboodaddy 93
19) Mike 72
20) Butch 51
21) TJ 51
22) webrad98 41
23) lrs 34
24) Chuck Currey 27
25) Texas_Goofball 13
26) Bill Tyner 5
27) FairBecca 2

Fantastic crunching by the team leaders! And for the idle crunchers? Whazzup? :D


Tracker 3 has moved up to the #4 slot - and Doug has cracked his 1st 500! Jaf has moved up a slot! Congratulations! And thanks to everyone who is active. Soon - we're gonna have to ask Mark how we can get on the astro-pulse bionic team. ;) Should we join 'em?

It would be nice to have some of you check in here to let us know how you're doing - and what you would like to do with the bionic project?

Re: Fantastic Forum Set Team

Posted: 10-22-2003 02:23 AM
by TABwebmaster
Here's the latest news on BOINC:

October 18, 2003
A [email protected] application has been added to the beta test. The scheduling server detect results that can't be sent to any hosts, and flags them. HTTP 404 errors on downloads are treated as unrecoverable. Graphics can be limited by frame rate or percent of CPU. Don't send two results from the same workunit to a single user. Added JPEG support to application graphics. Added "confirm before accept executable" mechanism.

and from the main [email protected] page at Berkeley:
We will soon release a new version of [email protected], based on BOINC, a general-purpose platform for distributed computing projects like [email protected] Switching to [email protected]/BOINC will be easy:

Create an account using the [email protected] web site. This will give you an account ID, sent by email. Note: accounts will created automatically for all current [email protected] users (see below).
Download and install the BOINC client program when it becomes available.
Uninstall [email protected]
When you first run the BOINC client, enter your [email protected] account ID.
If there are problems, you can reinstall "[email protected] Classic" and continue running it.

for further reading go to: ... _plan.html

As you can see, BOINC staff plan to bring all current teams over from [email protected] minus the results...I don't know how this fares for TAB, the one I created at BOINC while Beta-testing: BOINC~Team Art Bell

We may have to delete the one I created...I haven't received any word on what we should do with regards to that.

Anyone have any questions that I can answer?

Always here to help;)

Posted: 10-22-2003 05:19 AM
by Doug
Checking in, alive and well, crunching away! :D

Posted: 11-02-2003 05:59 PM
by Linnea
WoW! Doug - you're really racking up those units. Almost to 600 now. What are you runing now? I am back to crunching - with this new system, but don't think I will ever make 1000 before this project morphs over to Boinc.

Hey! Megman! Do you have any idea of the 'transfer' to the Boinc system? Mark was kind enuf to post some links, but I don't have too much of a clue. ;) Doug? Anyone?

Heh. Did you here the rumbling over on the TAB thread that we pirates should 'merge' with their team? That's TAB for you. Always recruiting. Their trump card is their PR guy and webmaster. :) Coolest cruncher and Dad on this side of the Galaxy.

I like us fine as the FF Pirates, but it would be nice to hear from some of us more often. Embustero, Bill, marty jg, Suvata, Tracker3, robin preston, jaf, daboodaddy, Ben Slain, Mike, Carlos...all you guys. Now that Hallowe'en is over. We should have all had our attitude adjustments - hehehehhhe.

Log on and let us know how you're doing...

Posted: 11-03-2003 03:40 AM
by TABwebmaster
Linnea~Thanks for those compliments:D I really appreciate that.

It wasn't me who brought up the idea of a merge. I wouldn't complain if you all agreed but I'm not stealing another team's members, nor will I ever. I love the fact that we can co-exist on the same Fantastic Ship:) The FF has brought many new members to our team and I hope not too many converts from one side to the other.

Remember this, we are all crunching for [email protected] I think the marriage of FFST and TAB on one message board is going far enough in the direction of coexistence.

I wish more of our members would post in our threads too. There's not enough excitement over there. So, in comparison of team sizes your team is greatly exceeding our participation.


By the way, here's an update...BOINC 2.09 was just released tonight and [email protected] is up to 2.04 with AP at 2.09. Really close now (from the mouth of the director;))

Posted: 11-03-2003 05:10 AM
by Doug
Linnea wrote: WoW! Doug - you're really racking up those units. Almost to 600 now. What are you runing now? I am back to crunching - with this new system, but don't think I will ever make 1000 before this project morphs over to Boinc.

Linnea - Great to hear that you're crunching again! I'm running a 2.66 Ghz P4, on an Asus Mobo w/800Mhz FSB, and a half Gig of RAM (even though that's just about pointless as far as SAH is concerned).

I'm turning in 7-9/day, depending on the WU, and what else I happen to be using the machine for. (Hopeless Gamer ;) )

Mark - Keep us posted on Boinc, as I certainly haven't been following the situation very closely. Are the rumors that we won't have to switch over right away true? Oh... what's up with SetiTEAM? I can't seem to get mine to update anymore. Has the project been discontinued?

Posted: 11-03-2003 09:28 AM
by TABwebmaster's an answer to your question about SetiTEAM...I don't use it. I tried it once but it takes way too long to load our team so it's really annoying more than anything else. ... ~mode=flat

About've heard correctly. You can continue crunching under the old [email protected] (no change on your part) for a brief time once BOINC goes public. After that point (which they will specify upon the release) you will just no longer be able to send wu's in. You will have no choice but to use BOINC.

As of right now, there are no set-in-stone plans to accomodate for the front-end programs to the command-line client (i.e., SETISpy, SETI Driver, SETI Watch, SETI Hide, SETI Monitor)...especially those which cache wu's for you because that feature is built into BOINC. How this works is you have a Preferences page at the BOINC website which you can log into. Once there you can choose how much CPU gets devoted to which projects, how many days worth of wu's to keep for each program (right now just Astropulse and [email protected] I), Maximum upload and download speed, etc. There are quite a few options. Also, the graphical client is built into just choose whether or not you want to see the graphics. They're pretty the first few times and then I imagine, if you're like me, you'll just let the programs run to crunch faster. It's also going to make SETIQueue, the wu caching program, obsolete. A few people have asked whether we'll still be able to utilize these other programs but nobody has a definitive answer and a couple of the admin at Berkeley say it's up to the writers of those programs whether they want to continue.

One thing that will take some getting used to is the credit system. It's based on the cobblestone which is the amount of time it takes your computer to crunch a wu compared to a dummy system with an average time at Berkeley. The numbers for the stats will be at a decimal rather than whole numbers like we're used to. I hope this doesn't turn people off too much. Also, with AP and SAH, when you send in a wu that you've finished it lists your wu and how long it took to complete along with the "Claimed Credit". I think the only way you get credit for that wu is if someone else has crunched the same wu and their results were very similar to yours. Once your wu is verified against another identical wu from yourself or another user your "Granted Credit" will update.

Sorry if all this just confuses. It's really not that complicated. Everyone currently on FFST and TAB should get their hands on the BOINC website and get a feel for how things work. Get to know your way is the link:

You will find a lot of info particular attention to the Message Boards for hints as to what to expect and the current bugs that are still being worked out.

Posted: 11-03-2003 08:11 PM
by TABwebmaster
Here are a bunch of very detailed links about it works, credit system, source code, Python framework, etc. Check out the Participant link in the second paragraph.;)

Posted: 11-04-2003 01:51 AM
by Doug
Mark - Thanks for all of the informational links. They're very informative.

And thanks for the SetiTEAM info - it's working again! :)

Posted: 11-05-2003 09:27 AM
by TABwebmaster
Here's a list of the known bugs and feature requests and their priority in the scheme of things: ... tabase.cgi

have fun!;)

Merger rumblings.....

Posted: 11-05-2003 09:29 PM
by MarkusGarvey
Linnea wrote:
Heh. Did you here the rumbling over on the TAB thread that we pirates should 'merge' with their team? That's TAB for you. Always recruiting. Their trump card is their PR guy and webmaster. :) Coolest cruncher and Dad on this side of the Galaxy.

Hi ....this is Markus from The other Team Art Bell.....anyway, at least take a vote. We all represent Art, and i cant see any reason why shouldent merge the 2 teams. I respect Mark for trying to be neutral. But im not , im guilty of startin this. {BTW, we just moved into 9th place}. We all crunch for Seti, beacause we all belive that we r not the only ones. For me,besides of our main purpose, i really like the competiton, and the meeting of like minded people too part too.Come be in 9th place with us!!!......Peace....

Posted: 11-06-2003 09:22 AM
by Tracker3
Hey guys,

Good to drop in. I've been around (lurking) but hardly any activity here in a while.

Doug - - Killer PC. You sure are nailing the wu's and congrats for it.

A personal note: I am modding a special server for me and the kids at home. I have 4 machines in my house now with enough spare parts to build at least 5 more. My wife was going crazy over the number of machines and spare PC parts I had laying around so I built 3 more machines out of the parts lying around to clean up and then donated them to three needy families around here. Not that I am not a needy person myself (Big Grin) of course there was one catch though...I put seti with my email address running on them (LOL). I even have built a dial-up server for them to dial in and have free internet access since these families are local. It really is cool because I have a lot of bandwidth on my home network and can easily afford to share it. I would love to start a network of these donated shared Internet dial-up centers for people who wouldn't otherwise be able to have computers and the internet. If any of you guys are interested in organizing something let me know...t h e d a t a w i z @ c o a s t a l w e b s o l u t i o n s . c o m. I already expense the bandwidth as a tax writeoff for my personal business. Well just thought I would "share" for a moment.

Linnea, good to hear from you as well.

Tab and always, your keeping us up to date on all the news and updates is always appreciated.

Keep up the good work guys. I am around...a little busy though at times trying to juggle three kids, a wife, a full time job, part time business and now a charity of sorts oh and not to forget...looking for intelligent life in the universe.

Posted: 11-06-2003 10:57 AM
by Linnea
Tracker3 - good to hear from you. Sounds like you have a real project going there. With the Boinc project coming online, hope we will be able to keep doing the search for 'the signal'. Will be getting more information soon. Keep up the great crunching!


Posted: 11-14-2003 12:51 AM
by MarkusGarvey
just an idea i had...thought it would be good for all....seems im being ignored....i wont bother y'all anymore....Respect...MarkusGarvey, Team Art Bell...:)

BOINC beta opening up and accepting more participants

Posted: 11-14-2003 01:55 AM
by TABwebmaster
According to David Anderson, BOINC is going to start accepting more members. What this means is that you would sign up and help beta-test...this sounds like the last step before we can get going with the public release...if you would like to help beta-test you should look at the following page sometime next week:

...and here is the e-mail we received today:
Copied from : - Boinc-beta mailing list

We're preparing to enable account creation in the beta test,
in order to load-test our servers.
This will happen sometime next week.
In preparation we modified the project web site
( a little.
The name of the project is changed from "Astropulse"
to "BOINC Beta Test".
We also added some warnings about participating in the test;
please take the time to read them.
There is ever-increasing interest in BOINC outside of [email protected]
Work is starting on a BOINC-based version of [email protected]
We have had preliminary conversations with CERN
about integrating BOINC with the Globus-based Grid systems
being developed at CERN and other physics research centers.
These are exciting times!

-- David

Dr. David P. Anderson ---- Project Director of -- seti @ home / Boinc.