Death, mutilation of bulls in Harney County spurs probe

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Death, mutilation of bulls in Harney County spurs probe

Post by Doka » 08-03-2019 10:17 PM

Cattle mutalations, is not something I give much thought to since Linda Moulton Howe kind of disappeared from the air waves. Until they happen in the far end of the neighborhood..........Mine. Quite Creepy. :shock:

Death, mutilation of bulls in Harney County spurs probe
Aug 2, 2019

BURNS — Five bulls were found dead and mutilated — with genitals and tongues cut out — on Silvies Valley Ranch in Harney County.

Two carcasses were discovered July 30. On July 31, three more carcasses were found. The smell of decomposing bodies gave them away.

The cause of death is unknown, but investigators suspect one or more people are responsible.

The Harney County Sheriff’s Office has named Deputy Dan Jenkins as the primary investigator for the case. The Oregon State Police and the Malheur National Forest Emigrant Creek Ranger District are also investigating.

“I got stuck with the case,” Jenkins said. He laughed wryly. “And it’s a mystery.”

As an isolated incident, the case might appear a strange fluke. But according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, thousands of killings and mutilations of cows have happened since the 1970s. The animals typically die in the same way with the same body parts removed.

Jenkins said it’s hard to tell how these five bulls died. There are no entry wounds. A metal detector revealed no bullets.

The rest of this Spooky article ... 99236.html
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