Brain 'Rust' Could Be The Real Alzheimer's Trigger

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Brain 'Rust' Could Be The Real Alzheimer's Trigger

Post by Riddick » 07-29-2017 11:03 PM

Cleaning out "rust" from the brain could be a way to slow and even prevent Alzheimer's, say researchers. The finding pinpoints iron as a potential driver of the degenerative disease.

Previous research has long linked Alzheimer's to a build-up in amyloid protein fragments in the brain that are normally broken down in healthy brains. But efforts to treat Alzheimer's by using drugs that reduce amyloid levels have so far failed, leading to speculation that something else is driving the disease.

New research, published in the journal Brain, suggests iron might be the culprit. Iron has a special property that allows it to exchange electrons, which is crucial in allowing our bodies to generate energy from oxygen and fuels such as sugars. But it can also damage neurons in the same way that iron metal rusts in the presence of oxygen. FULL STORY

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