A tiny cat feat: It's a copy cat! Double meow's.

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A tiny cat feat: It's a copy cat! Double meow's.

Post by Ninerism » 02-15-2002 01:35 PM

Readers: Front page of today's Los Angeles Times newspaper, Friday, Feb. 15th, 2002, 'In Texas, Cloning Advance Comes on Little Cat Feat', subt. 'Science: Birth brings technology 'Into daily human life', paves way for commercial service.'

Science researchers have produced the first cat copy through cloning a little kitty kat who has been named CC for "carbon copy". Now that's really getting the cat's meouw, eh?!

This probably will soon pave the way for other domestic animals to be cloned for loving pet-owners who want another pet who will likely be much the same temperament as their beloved pet. This will likely only be affordable for the most wealthy people for some time, but prices will probably quickly drop as this technology spreads far and fast.

Imagine what this will mean for farmers, too, who will be able to reproduce the best of their most prized farm animals! Animal husbandry could grow by leaps and bounds as the most sought after animals become far less rare, and thus providing for increases of domestic beef and such, and increasing resistance to all sorts of diseases and potentially reducing physical defects. What a wonderous thing to be able to participate in God's great creations, me thinks!

I just think that this is awesome; and one day, perhaps not too far down the road, replacement organs will be able to be grown perhaps at the sacrifice of animals that are already sacrificed for food. Perhaps livers and kidneys may one day be able to be grown in these very special animals.... and what a blessing that would be for tens of thousands of human beings.

What a blessed thing to know for humankind.

This blessed event is now practically CATapulting cloning of common domestic animals, so that it could be nearly common place in just a few short years! Wonder of wonders!!!

As cloning progresses, and the processes become much more familiar, we can foresee the time when reproducing of human organs may be science fact, not mere science fiction -- and I believe that this is in God's grand design for humans to realize full potential of their God-given intellect.


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