Scientists foresee a grim future

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Scientists foresee a grim future

Post by Linnea » 02-02-2002 01:33 AM

from MSNBC...

Concerns voiced about bioterrorism, climate, even robots

NEW YORK, Feb. 1 — Scientists at the World Economic Forum on Friday predicted a grim future replete with unprecedented biological threats, global warming and the possible takeover of humans by robots.

“EXTREME PESSIMISM seems to me to be the only rational stance,” said Sir Martin Rees, Britain’s Astronomer Royal, at a session devoted to the future threats and opportunities presented by scientific advances.

He was especially concerned about the development of new biological weapons that could easily fall into the hands of dissonant groups or individuals and cause widespread devastation.

Even if governments tried to regulate and limit the spread of dangerous technologies, Rees said such efforts would probably be little better than current attempts to control the international drug trade.

A foretaste of what might lie ahead was provided by the anthrax panic that gripped the United States last year after several letters carrying the deadly germ agent were sent to political leaders and media figures through the mail. The perpetrator has not been found.

The forum, which brings together politicians, business leaders, academics and intellectuals, has presented a number of sessions devoted to science. However, few politicians have attended them, preferring to devote themselves to discussions of foreign policy.


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jeri sexton
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Post by jeri sexton » 02-02-2002 07:49 AM

Well this is nerve-racking...
The mind melt..

The 'Neoteric being'...
The future is now.. Do you really want to take that ride..?

They are finally talking openly about the future of mankind.. or a few 'chosen few' with the ability to supersize thought.. Want to be among them? Interesting thought to ponder.. but I believe they are already here, leading us on.. don't you?

The Alpha.. The Omega.. The 'Neoteric Being' coming soon to your area..

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Post by daboodaddy » 02-02-2002 01:14 PM

I would do it faster than you could say "boo!".But only if the technology was perfected and no one else could moniter me, or control me.My thoughts would have to be my own. I find the concept of cyber-immortality to be intriguing, especially for space exploration. The ULTIMATE journey! Yeah, I'd go on that ride!

But for a chosen few?, no way! If one is enhanced all should have the opportunity, not just those who deem themselves worthy, like the already paracitical elite.

Question EVERYTHING, even your OWN thoughts.
A "Daboodaddyism"
Question EVERYTHING, even your OWN thoughts.
A "Daboodaddyism"

Cherry Kelly
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Post by Cherry Kelly » 02-03-2002 11:21 AM

bio terrorism - already exists

global warming - hmm doesn't seem to be happening, course a few years ago they were saying a new ice age, didn't happen either can we say they just want to do the dire prediction scene to stir up people?

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Post by Snorrithor » 02-03-2002 08:25 PM

This conference has as much to do with science or the future as ...
The Conference of Blind Mullahs has to do do with Jackson Pollock's Orthodox Iconography.

Rees is a better politician than astronomer.
And UPN is a more intellectual network than MSNBC. They don't pretend to be smart.

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Post by Mindsiview » 02-14-2002 10:09 AM

Misery sells.

sandy interrante
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Post by sandy interrante » 02-15-2002 12:11 AM

I agree that misery sells. I think the real problem, in the future, will be over-population which creates poverty, ignorance and desparation. We see it in those countries that want to destroy the Western hemisphere and anyone who disagrees with them. From over-population comes poor living conditions and disease. A country that is over-wrought with just trying to survive finds some kind of relief in blaming others for their condition.

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Post by Mindsiview » 02-15-2002 09:36 AM

I don't think over-population will be a problem. If you took every person on the earth today, you could give each of them 1/5 an acre and fit them all in Texas.

Population takes control of itself... It increases when need be, and it decreases as well.

The problem of the future with be the lack of responsibilities, deteriation of morals, and apathy toward outright wrong. People will ask you "Who are YOU to say what is good or what is bad" - it is these people that have bought into the idea that there is no good or bad, and anything can be blamed on something else instead of where that blame SHOULD reside.

If you don't believe me - have you heard people saying how Christian fundalmentalism is just as "evil" as the fundalmentalist that attacked New York? Or... It is poverty that drives people to terrorism (Bin Ladin is worth over 300million - how much is needed to be declared above poverty). Or, what about the actual idiots that flew the plane? How many of you can afford $25,000 for school... that right... paid in full, paid in cash.

This whole victimization thing started with individuals (that person had an aweful childhood, that is why he killed all those people. It wasn't his fault), and now is being applied to countries.

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Post by Ninerism » 02-15-2002 01:57 PM

Linnea Meyer: Yeah, yeah, yeah, "the perpetrator has never been found".... and in listening to ART BELL last nite his guest practically hinted at the "unknowns" not so quite unknown to those who are "in the know" so to speak, though he would not say on ART BELL's show what some are already stating openly in other forums and venues, that this anthrax "scare" is on the order of conspiratorial industrial espionage to wreak vast profits from vaccines that were not long ago being advocated over all Major Media, now being silenced, and why is that do some of us suspect?!

This is all looking far too sinister for some of us who have been reading from different sources which are saying similar things, that this thing reaks of some agency-/corporate sponsored bio-terrorism in order to reap huge profits from selling anthrax vaccines.... and it is very much inter-connected with the military-industrial/medical complex.

Due to the great embarrassment of government agencies, not the least of which would be the FBI, there will likely never be any real evidence produced, unless a dead body shows up floating in some river, and then voila, the "answers" will somehow surface along with that dead body, and all of it will be quietly disposed of along with the odiferous odors of industrial espionage wafting through this entire sordid affair.

I just wonder how long the ordinary American citizen will tolerate this sort of subterfuge that stinks to high heaven?!

Hey, there is hope, there are millions in Europe that are already totally advocating that America stop this madness of increasing the World's warfare beyond Afghanistan. And there are now numerous groups forming in the United States who are also demonstrating against more invasions elsewhere, too.

We cannot serve as the police of the World. Now things are getting so screwy, you donot know which are the police and which are the military! THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY IN ACTION -- this counter-productive to democratic institutions, and it is time that people spoke out about it. A lot of this high-criminality occurred in Kosovo, too -- and we are trying to think that just because we send in civilian police after a military action that we can somehow police all nations, just because we seem to have done the trick in Kosovo, etc. We bombed and bombed and bombed the hell outa' that place -- and this is justice?! Arriana Huffington sure does not believe that this is justice; nor do I!

What kinda horrendous monster are we creating with the New Order.


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Post by Ninerism » 02-15-2002 02:20 PM

Sandy Interrante and Mindsiview: What you are addressing is part and parcel of Malthusianism -- the belief-system that human populations will tend to grow faster than food or available resources will allow, and thus "acts of nature" or God (or other!) will provide for the necessary human population reductions; eg., vast starvation via spreading desertifications, climate changes reducing farming areas, and other sorts of natural calamities, and when all else fails naturally, WARFARE will serve as a necessary promoter of culling the "usless eaters", as is advocated by followers/adherents of Thomas Malthus (see dictionary).

It gets worse, as when we research just how far Malthusianism has gone in perpetuating this evil that has now devolved into a 'HIGHER FORM OF KILLING' via BIOLOGICALS manufactured and "introduced" or unleashed into various human populations on planet Earth, as some now understand "AIDS" to be. This "higher form of killing" does not require invading forces, does not require munitions factories, does not require terribly involved logistics, hey, you just put it in a few swine, put it in a few cattle, and in very short order you have the spread of something vicious. Or, better yet, you market it as a "life saving vaccine", say as a vaccine for SFV SWINE FEVER VIRUS, or maybe it is a vaccine ostensibly for SMALL POX VACCINE as was provided by the tens of thousands of batches by WHO?, well, it is called the World Health Organization or course, and then it is "introduced" via small pox vaccinations by tens of thousands, and in those same Third World nations as recipients of those "tainted vaccines", "AIDS" began to be seen.

If you think that the above is all fanciful speculation, or worse yet, NInerism's most gross lies, well, just check out the fact that the staid LONDON TIMES newspaper's science editor Pearce Wright had his article published in that same newspaper many years ago. Pearce had noted an incredible connection between those Third World nations which had received the WHO's small pox vaccines and the rising correlations of "AIDS" cases! Hey, you think we don't have news control in this "land of the free"?

If this is all too much to contemplate, see the books: 'AIDS AND THE DOCTORS OF DEATH' and the sequel, 'QUEER BLOOD' by Dr. Allan Cantwell Jr. MD (who was and is a world published specialist in skin diseases); and check out the books by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, including, 'EMERGING VIRUSES, AIDS & EBOLA' 'Nature, Accident or Intentional', and you will understand the global nexus of Malthusianism working behind the scenes to do just this very thing, to vastly reduce human populations on planet Earth, praise God!

See: which is the website devoted to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who is a great supporter of Dr. Allan Cantwell and other MEDICAL DOCTORS who are stating now that "AIDS" is not naturally existing, but is has all the signs of being a manufactured BIOLOGICAL produces in these United States, produced in "underground laboratories".

Moreover, Dr's Nancy and Garth Nicolson, whose lab is in Huntington Beach, California (they practically literally fled from Texas due to the over-whelming hostilties they recieved from their peers when they began to tell the truth they discovered about GULF WAR SYNDROME), so they relocated to California to do their on-going studies regarding MYCOLASMAS, notably mycoplasma fermentans incognitus which they have identified as being a very probable secondary co-factor in "AIDS" and which is also the primary factor invovled in GULF WAR SYNDROME. Do we think that this is all mere happenstance? Not by a long shot.

In APRIL 2000 issue of SCIENCE DIGEST an lengthy article is devoted to the Nicolson's assertions -- assertions which are being kept suppressed in the Major Media, of course, because they are not going to say much against those anthrax vaccines which have already infected thousands of military personnel and killed numerous others.

And people ask why some of us rail against the New Order.

The (NAZI) past is not dead and buried, it is not even past.

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Post by Glitch » 03-24-2002 02:26 AM

Excellent link Niner. Thanks.

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