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Hospitals Sue To Keep Prices Secret

Posted: 12-05-2019 01:37 AM
by Riddick
The nation’s hospital groups, including the American Hospital Association, sued the Trump administration on Wednesday over a new federal rule requiring them to disclose the discounted prices they give insurers for all sorts of procedures. The hospitals argue the administration exceeded its legal authority in issuing the rule last month as part of its efforts to make the health care system much more transparent to patients.

The lawsuit contends the requirement to disclose their private negotiations with insurers violates their First Amendment rights. A legal challenge to the rule had been expected. In fact, when he announced the hospital price disclosure rule, Alex M. Azar II, the health and human services secretary, was adamant that the rule would withstand a court challenge. “We may face litigation, and we feel we are on a very firm legal footing,” he said last month.

The administration wanted the disclosure rule, which would go into effect in 2021, to allow patients to better shop for deals on a range of services, from MRIs to hip replacements. At the heart of the administration’s efforts is an attempt to tackle rising hospital costs, which have outpaced the increase in physician prices, according to a recent study by health economists in Health Affairs. The economists estimated hospital inpatient prices increased 42% from 2007 to 2014.

While the administration is already requiring hospitals to post some of their list prices, the public outcry over surprise medical bills and high out-of-pocket costs led the administration to seek even more detail on rates. Patients have long complained that they are completely in the dark about what a doctor’s visit or surgery will cost until after they receive the bill. Knee surgery, for example, can cost thousands of dollars more at one hospital than at another in the same region.

“Hospitals should be ashamed that they aren’t willing to provide American patients the cost of a service before they purchase it,” said Caitlin Oakley, a spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Human Services in an emailed statement. “President Trump and Secretary Azar are committed to providing patients the information they need to make their own informed health care decisions and will continue to fight for transparency in America’s health care system.”


Re: Hospitals Sue To Keep Prices Secret

Posted: 12-05-2019 07:35 PM
by kbot
Yup, it is a trip Riddick. Price disparity is a huge issue. Where you have a test or procedure performed can vary by a few to thousands of dollars. Visiting an ER can cost you over a hundred bucks just to sign the guest book.

But, this concept also makes some basic assumptions, which may be flawed. Take for example the issue of licensure. In some states (not all) radiologic technologists must be licensed. Rad techs take X-Ray, perform CTs, assist in cardiac caths, etc. They use radiation..........

They can also (if not careful) scramble your DNA, you future generations DNA, cause skin burns, maybe give you a dose of cancer..... But, they don't have to be licensed or trained, in all states.

Unlike hairdressers...........

Re: Hospitals Sue To Keep Prices Secret

Posted: 12-27-2019 12:19 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
It could be more than $10K per 24 hours for only single occupancy, and ALL rooms have now been designed for singles that are allowed to be married! :lol:

Obama Care being discussed, long before Judge Roberts invented his new tax that got cussed, seemed oblivious to the cost for that one bed X millions of daily guests! :roll: Do the math as they say. Myself as an ex patient/ex high grade logs, tough Swedish semi log truck owner for 16 years was appalled at the wall woodwork, doors, and floors being fake vinyl photo copied wood! Your sneakers might squeak with every step!

Your TP is transparent enough to read a newspaper headline through it. :lol: Chinese made tiny tooth brushes, mini tubes of toothpaste, off brand shampoos and tiny cakes of soap, oh my! :lol: For $10k we should get cases of the stuff to last 5 years at home. :lol: How about free meals for family and guests, never. :lol: How about electric wheel chairs with big baskets to carry out more than you brought in? :P

I think that barely touches the surface on their A.CA. provided bed and breakfast-like accomodations! Thanks a lot John Roberts for saving the Democrats day! We conservatives hope you enjoy that over priced, cheap built room on your next stay at your local D.C. Winchester House-like hospital never to be fully complete OR remodled. ⛲ 🏥 💸 🚧 👷 💸 🏨 🔬 🚪 🏧 🔋 💊 💉 🍛 🍔 🍌 ☕

MK II :lol: :P Counter sue 'em Uncle Sam, your mints can work overtime, extended hours and Sundays too! Any American $cary ho$pital just has u$! :P :oops:

Re: Hospitals Sue To Keep Prices Secret

Posted: 12-27-2019 04:16 AM
by Doka
Obama Care was never meant to last, just used to get to socialized medicine(medicare for all) With an Estimated cost of around $36 +Trillion Dollars ($36,000,000,000,000.00). More than likely, for possibly "Mid-End "Cuban style medicine". :? We Had the Best Medical Care, now, as with many other countries, it is on a down hill slide. Socialized Medicine, puts the brakes, on research and innovations, medical science in general. And a great way for population control. Anyone who thinks it's great to kill babies at after live birth, will have no problem with the imperfect, the sick, the old, being dispenced with. Legally of course. In case you haven't noticed Hospitals have become huge Corporations, run to the ground with government regulation.

McCain: Obama Thanked Me for My Vote to Save Obamacare

Before he cast his dramatic vote in the wee hours of the morning to kill his party’s best Obamacare repeal effort, Sen. John McCain took a call from Donald Trump urging him to reconsider. By that point, the Arizona Republican had already made up his mind, and would, as he put it, politely rebuff the president. Moments later, McCain wandered on to the floor and dramatically thrust his thumb down, signaling his no vote.

The moment earned McCain plaudits from Democrats along with the ire of Trump. ... -obamacare

Re: Hospitals Sue To Keep Prices Secret

Posted: 12-27-2019 05:09 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Whoa mule! How did you find so many zeros tonight to print out that $36T # Doka? :shock:

Heck, it's not the politicians money and it's not really the taxpayers money they'd need to have to do the NEW Dems socialized care/medicine experiment! Uncle Sam would just print it out on a computer. Heck, the national debt is no problem since it's just a hint in our news weekly. :oops:

No country in the world has ever gone belly up because of the lack of their fiat money! And all countries money cannot be cashed in for precious metals vs paper! :roll:

The Pentagon has blown a missing cool trillion dollars no doubt on Black Ops, nation building all ordered by the deep state and the even deeper seated "government military complex"! Thanks to Ike for that ever lasting statement! :oops: :confused:

Happy 2020 and great health to all! :D Because the unhealthy folks are needed badly by our hospitals to build huge add on annexes with huge, empty 35'+? tall lower floor corridors just like the one I've $pent time in lately! :oops: A big thanks from me go to PENSKE LOGISTICS for my Aetna Insurance and Uncle Sam for his Medicare! :D

My boss Roger recently bought the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and something else big to do with a NASCAR RACING SERIES! 8) The company from HQ Reading, PA owns 621,000 trucks! :shock: