Highlights In the Life of Captain Kundalini

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Highlights In the Life of Captain Kundalini

Post by Guest » 03-17-2002 07:51 PM


Born: Friday, May 13, 2332 (Stardate: 09363.92)
Entered Starfleet Academy: Tues., Sept. 5, 2350 (Stardate: 27678.52)
Graduated from Starfleet Academy: Friday, May 28, 2354 (Stardate: 31405.5)
Assigned Ensign, 3rd Engineer, USS Enterprise: Stardate: 31667.65
Promoted to Lieutenant, Transferred to USS JFK: Stardate: 33039.35
Promoted to Lt. Com., Security Chief/Tactical: Stardate: 38454.93
Promoted to Commander, Trans. to USS Arizona. 1st Officer: Stardate: 41366.35
The Battle of Wolf 359: 43832.63
Promoted to Captain, Assigned as Instructor @ Starfleet Academy: Stardate: 44812.35
Married Patricia Ann Farinelli: Fri. June 7, 2368 (Stardate: 45435.33)
2nd Borg Invasion. Took Temp. Command of USS Thunderchild: Stardate: 50893.5
Assigned Commanding Officer of USS Excalibur - NCC-56413: Stardate: 51282.02
USS Excalibur disappears with All Hands while on a Rescue Mission: Stardate: 52158.49
USS Excalibur and Crew Declared MIA: Stardate: 52244.73


Captain Kundalini


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